Altmont 3.0

Individuality: It is what makes you different from every person you pass on the street, see on the train and interact with in the city. Every day of your life is a unique experience that will never be replicated. Altmont 3.0 was created with individualism in mind. Whether you carry a backpack, messenger or day bag, Altmont 3.0 offers you a selection as diverse as your individual style. For you, there is no such thing as a “typical” day, and just like you, this collection adapts to any situation. Your life is active, moving and constantly changing and Altmont 3.0 will be there with you for whatever it holds.

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Victorinox Altmont 3.0 Dual-Compartment Monosling

A Quality Product

This bag is very well made, the material is super durable. The flap in the front conceal the zipper and the pocket at the strap fits my iphone and the headphones.. I carried this bag to hike the waynapicchu and machu picchu, and it was the perfect backpack! I worried the weight distribution is off but as long as you tighten the padded strap, it doesn't present a problem

Victorinox Altmont 3.0 Flapover Digital Bag

Less Is More

I I use it as both a purse and camera bag. Everything remains securely in reach without weighing me down. Plus I like the look.