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Luggage Cleaning Tips

“My luggage is dirty, how do I clean it?” is a common question we often receive. We are happy when we hear this because; we know our travelers are getting good use of their luggage and that most bags are simple to clean. But, how do you clean the luggage without discoloring the nylon or irritating the color on a hard-side bag? Here are some tips for safely cleaning luggage: Soft-Side Luggage: First, always follow manufacturer directions, if provided, for bag cleaning. Only use general cleaning tips if specific directions for cleaning your suitcase have not been given. Assuming no directions have been given, start by using a soft-bristled brush to take some of the dirt off of the polyester or nylon bag. Even if the dust only loosens from the material, it will be easily vacuumed off later. This easy step should help return some shine to your luggage. Stains are a more challenging obstacle when cleaning luggage. A few possibilities exist for dealing with nasty stains in soft-side luggage. First, a dry cleaning shop may be able to take out the stain if willing to work on a suitcase. This eliminates some of danger posed by abrasive liquid cleaners. If dry cleaning is not an option, then liquid hand soaps are the next option to try. Mix some hand soap with lukewarm water and dampen a rag in the solution. Then lightly scrub the stained area with the rag. If that works, wipe down the rest of the bag to even the shine, if not, try a slightly stronger dish soap solution. Avoid using harsh cleaners and bleach that may only discolor the stain and ruin the bag. If nothing alleviates the stained and dirty look of your luggage, you may want to consider a new bag. Hard-Side Luggage: Hard-side luggage can be trickier to clean because of the harder base to scrub. People are often inclined to use harsh chemicals and cleaners on hard-side luggage because they view it as a kitchen counter top. However, you can easily strip the paint off of your luggage if you use a harsh chemical clean. Subsequently, there are two better, safer ways to clean hard-side luggage. First, mix a cleaning solution of lukewarm water and soft dish soap. Then take a washcloth and use the cleaning solution to wipe down the scuffs, scratches, and dirt marks on your luggage. This helps restore some of the original hard-side shine. If that doesn’t work, then try a magic eraser to take off some of the scuff marks. As long as you don’t scrub too hard, the magic eraser handily removes any unwanted markings on your luggage. If none of the provided cleaning directions or general cleaning tips work on your luggage, then it might be time to invest in a new hard-side piece. Leather Luggage: Leather luggage often comes with directions for cleaning and shining. If provided, follow these directions before looking for other solutions. If not provided, use only leather cleaning products to remove marks and scuffs. This is the only safe way to clean the leather without possibly spoiling its look and feel. If none of these tips help clean up your bag’s look, the links below will take you to great replacement options.  

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