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Best Designer Luggage


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Everyone has luggage, often similar luggage, so how do you differentiate yours from all of the other similar bags in baggage claim? Luggage tags and indicators may help, but they can still be hard to see in a sea of grey, black, and brown. So, why not try designer luggage? Designer luggage comes in both hard-side and soft-side and features great patterns and even famous artistry depending on the piece. Your luggage can function perfectly, and look great at the same time. Many people associate designer luggage with brands like Louis Vuitton, Prada, Coach, Gucci and more. The problem with many of these big names is that the luggage is often very expensive, with one piece costing thousands of dollars. In addition to the expense, the main priority of the bags is style, rather than durability. To combat these problems, here at the Luggage Factory we strive to find you the best in style, affordability, and durability when it comes to designer luggage. Check out our selection of both hard-side and soft-side designer luggage to find the best bag for you. Click here to shop for designer luggage

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