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TSA Combination Lock

With all of the concerns about weight limits and size restrictions, the security of your items can sometimes be lost in the shuffle. It’s uncommon to think of locking luggage because it is beyond the traveler’s control after checking in bags. However, a small lock can go a long way in preventing the frustration of stolen luggage or valuables. 3 digit-TSA approved combination locks act as both a deterrent and a protector of your valuables. Not only do they lock the zippers of your bags keeping thieves out, but they also look more secure, thus making the bag a less attractive target for wandering eyes. As long as the lock is TSA-approved, meaning it has a keyhole that corresponds only to TSA agents’ keys, then locks are both safe and practical. If you put a regular combination or padlock on your luggage, they will be broken during bag inspection if your bag requires further investigation. However, if you have an approved lock then only you and the TSA have access to the contents of your bag. These locks are offered in a variety of different options. Cable locks, combination locks, padlocks, triple cable locks, and others are all available here: Luggage Locks. A little lock can go a long way in keeping your stuff safe!

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