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Pulling Bridge Device Hot Melt Glue Gun Diy Car Dent Repair Tool Kit

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1. Repairs bumps in almost any place on any vehicle.

2. Developed and used by professional self-body experts.

3. Easily removes bumps from the hail. car doors, shopping carts and more without damaging the surface of your car

In operation, the nut to turn slowly, slowly pull bridge, do not use too fast. metal will come slowly up, hand to hold the bridge

1, with a clean wet bumps own part;

2, the hot melt glue stick in the back of the hot melt glue gun, pull the trigger, better so stay in the glue gun, plug in the power, if hot glue gun 5 minutes;

3, to find a suitable traction pads (large indentation need to use large traction mats; (Note: the higher the traction pads, traction pulling the larger);

4, pull the gun trigger, coated with the choice of extrusion coated rubber seal (4-hole seal should also be coated with a hot melt adhesive

5, quickly coated with a hot melt adhesive traction pads on the bumps in the central position, gently press until hot melt hot-melt adhesive; (let hot melt glue dry for about 8 minutes; we recommend you do not let the heat melt time not dry for more than 10 minutes)

6, the tension tension bridge in the middle of the holes aligned with the pull of the lever joint, the rotating screw set of games in the pull pad lever joint, tighten slowly until the tooth part of the pull to the same surface flush with the surrounding

Package Contents: 

(The Plug are EU and US Plug , ACCORDING TO YOUR CHOICE, and No Retail Box, Pack in a PP bag)

1 x Glue Gun

3 x Pad and Stem Glue (size 2 cm / 2.5 cm / 3 cm)

1 x Glue Sticks

1 x Precipitation Tool

1 x Pull Bridge and Button

1 x wing nut

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