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Packing Cubes for Travel Set of 8 Pieces Practical Laundry Cubes Small Medium & Large Luggage Compression Packing Cube set Ultralight Suitcase Packing Cubes Organizers

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Brand: Free Rhythm

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  • THE PACKING CUBES YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR: While other Packing Cubes Sets found on the market are too small or of a poor quality, Free Rhythm FOCUSES on the client's needs and brings forward an improved COMPLETE set of 8 PACKING CUBES made from 100% Polyester Premium Multi-Layer Silky Mesh, with a strong stitching and SUPER reliable zippers. These Clear Packing Cubes are like nothing you've seen before!
  • EXTRA SECURE ZIPPERS - Ultra strong zippers that act as safeguards lock inside the flap to prevent the Travel Organizer Packing Cubes from opening. Updated zippers are extra resistant, stitched professionally, and anti-rust. GET THE MOST USE OUT OF YOUR CUBES - Travel accessories that double up as laundry bags! While you are not using your Travel cubes for Packing during trips, you can be using them as clothing washing bags for laundry.
  • TRULY AN INVESTMENT: What makes these Suitcase Organizers true investments is that while buying ONE set, you are actually getting 8 DIFFERENT cubes: 1 Small Packing Cube, 2 Medium Travel Cube, 2 Large Packing Cubes, 1 Toiletry Bag made from a PVC material, 1 Shoe Bag & 1 Laundry Bag. Together they make a COMPLETE Packing Cube Organizer Set, a true FRIEND for any passionate traveler. So, where are you off to next?
  • KEEP IT SIMPLE & SAFE: Free Rhythm is on a mission, that of making clients happy! What better way to do that than by offering QUALITY and PEACE of mind? A promise is a promise, especially when it's backed up by a 5 year WARRANTY! So if anything should happen to your Travel Cubes, WE WILL CHANGE it immediately! Enjoy your Packing Cubes and don't forget to smile! Happy Traveling & Bon Voyage!
  • PREMIUM MULTI-LAYER SILKY MESH - As shown in the photo, the high density fine mesh allows for water and washing up liquid to seamlessly flow while also protecting your garments. We take pride in our premium multi-layer elastic mesh, made to withstand high temperatures without dissolving. The travel cubes can be used in washer and dryer preventing your delicates from tangling, snagging, or pulling and helping extend the life of bra, underwear, Tights, sequins, tops, scarves, intimates, sweater an


Clear Packing Cubes that double as Laundry Bags!

Meet the Packing Cube Set, the most functional travel accessories on the market, and a well-kept traveling secret! When you are not using them to organize your suitcase, store your laundry inside, and give them a go in the washing machine!

Why invest in this unique set of Packing Cubes for travel?

To make you happy, we started off by understanding what could upset you! We've studied and analyzed the competition, and figured out what they all overlook! The Free Rhythm Packing Cube set is not just a true traveling partner, but also very practical Mesh Laundry Bags for everyday use. ULTRA SECURE ZIPPERS. We have invested in very strong zippers that act as safeguards lock inside the flap to prevent the Travel Organizer Packing Cubes from opening. As well as being anti-rust, they will not open during washing, like others do.

Pack More, Worry less!

Pack whatever you want! With 8 Compression Packing Cubes, having reliable zippers, you are more than ready for your adventure! A complete pack is waiting for the excited traveler focused on his luggage and for the prudent customer doing their laundry!

Bigger is Better!

Five Travel Cubes to pack big dreams and a mountain of clothes, divided in:

1 Small of 10x7x4 inches

2 Medium of 13.5x10x4 inches

2 Large Cubes, each of 17x12x4 inches

Plus, a few bonuses to impress & dazzle you!

Laundry Bag of 16.5x10 inches

Toiletry Bag of 10x6x3 inches

Shoe Bag of 16.5x10 inches

Smart packing & Smart cleaning

It's all about making the best of time! These Packing Cubes are simple to use & quick to wash! Not only is it perfectly safe to use the washing machine, but it is recommended to, if you want to save yourself the hassle of getting the laundry out of the bags when doing the washing up! Why not use that time to plan your next adventure?

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Package Dimensions: 15.2 x 10.3 x 2.4 inches