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Lewis N Clark Drink Ease Tablets

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Whether we sipped one too many cocktails at a New Year's Eve party, we celebrated our birthdays a little too heartily, or we are just more predisposed to hangovers,Drink Easetrade; offers a way to relieve our symptoms faster.

Using all natural plant ingredients, this homeopathic remedy is soothing to your body without adding any harsh side effects.

Don't let your fun memories get lost in a hazy aftermath; useDrink Easetrade; to start feeling better now.

Material: Tablets

Size:32 count

Weight: .5oz.

Carry On:Yes


Product Features:

  • Homeopathic remedy helps to alleviate headache, indigestion, nausea, and dizziness due to alcohol overconsumption
  • No known side effects
  • Drink Ease is available in 32-tablet strip packet and is packaged in premises inspected by a regulatory authority to ensure the premises meet the standard grade of hygiene, class one.
  • Drink Ease is manufactured according to the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States, (HPUS).
  • Drink Ease is listed with the FDA for over the counter sales in the United States of America.
  • The National Drug Code for Drink Ease is 059672-0532-1, barcode of 75098005327 and tariff code 3004.90.9090.
  • Each 340mg tablet contains five homeopathic remedies effective in countering the effects of a hang over. Each pack contains enough tablets for as many as 20 hang overs.
  • One tablet of Drink Ease should be taken at bed time along with a large glass of water. Repeat every fours hours if necessary.
  • Drink Ease can be used by adult drinkers. If a user already suffers from a major medical problem, normal caution should be exercised in drinking. If after drinking the symptoms of a hang over continue, professional help should be sought. Drink Ease does not counter the effects of existing medical disorders when drinking, or the effects of general exhaustion.
  • Drink Ease may be taken with any other medication. Like other homeopathic remedies, Drink Ease is most effective when taken separately from food and drink, but has been specially formulated so that it may if necessary be taken in association with food and/or drink, i.e. coffee.
  • With the minute doses involved there is little possibility of adverse effects. There has never been any recorded adverse effect from homeopathic remedies above 12C. All remedies used in Drink Ease are 30C, well above the 12C level.
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  • Brand: LCI Industries
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