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All Al-Mg Alloy HardShell Carry-on/Cabin Luggage TSA Approved Silver 24"

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Brand: Menschwear

Color: Silver


  • Durability - Made from Aero 9 Series aluminum-magnesium alloy, this suitcase is more durable and suitable for everyday travelers, weekend passengers or short business trips.
  • Wheels - Introduced the German brand PEROMA, adding bearings to the wheels, reducing the coefficient of friction, making the wheels smoother and achieving "a suitcase that can be pushed with one finger"
  • Handles - This aluminum alloy rod has a multi-stage lift height and uses high-end aluminum alloy 7-section profiles for stronger load-bearing. Moreover, these damping handles can reduce the resistance without noise.
  • Safety - The ultra-durable safety frame made of rugged aluminum alloy with integrated TSA-certified locks can be identified around the world and can be easily opened during safety checks to avoid violent damage.
  • Lining - The inner lining is reasonable ,it can be removed and cleaned.

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delivery:5-10 days from order confirmed,buyer will be fully refunnded if more than 30 days.
delivery:5-10 days from order confirmed,buyer will be fully refunnded if more than 30 days.
1.0mm thick aluminum-magnesium alloy sheet to create a strong box, matte surface scratch-resistant.
Wheels: The German brand PEROMA was introduced. The bearings were added to the wheels, which reduced the friction coefficient during the use of the wheels, reduced the resistance, and made the wheels more smooth and ultra-quiet.
material:Aluminum-magnesium alloy,lining:Polyester

Package Dimensions: 25.6 x 17.7 x 11.8 inches

Note : Color May be slightly different due to photography lighting