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1Pc Cute Pocket Mini Glasses Box Travel Kit Easy Carry Mirror

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100% new high quality.
Color: As the picture shows
Size: 5.8*5.1*1.6cm
Equipped with: contact lens case with mirror tweezers suction cup double box care bottle
Instructions for use:
1. Please rinse with water before and after using the double box and tweezers.
2. Inject a layer of preservation solution into the double box and store the lens (note that the lens is placed in the box, do not place it on the edge of the double box) and tighten the lid.
1. Shanghai fluid can not use detergent, soap and other washing.
2. When using the double box, pay attention to the left and right.
3. This product is compatible with all brands of care solutions.
4. Eye experts recommend this product to be replaced once every 3 months
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Note : Color May be slightly different due to photography lighting