Delsey Luggage has always been the brand synonymous with innovation in the world of luggage. As travel needs changed and evolved, Delsey luggage changed its accommodating style. There is one driving ambition behind all these innovations: to remain constantly alert to your needs. For Delsey Luggage, the only innovations of any interest are those that make life on the move easier. Delsey suitcases, garment bags, carry on's and tote bags allow you to pack more efficiently, making traveling a breeze.

Delsey Helium cruise

delsey helium cruise

Delsey's Helium Cruise is a must for the serious traveler. This collection is crafted from durable bullet-proof ballistic nylon that resists wear, moisture, dirt and abrasion for long-lasting use. The uprights feature an easy access compartment for shoes, toiletries or return-home laundry storage. The large and medium size uprights have a built in over-weight indicator to determine if you bag is over 50 lbs.


Delsey Bastille Lite

delsey bastille lite

The Delsey Bastille Lite collection is ultra lightweight and durable. Featuring a Delsey exclusive, thermoplastic composite that is extremely light and impact resistant. Additional features include TSA accepted 3 dial combination lock, convenient packing with a split book opening and superior mobility with silent-running double spinner wheels.


Delsey Helium sky 2.0

delsey helium sky 2.0 luggage

The Delsey Helium sky 2.0 Luggage Collection is the latest in the line of dependable Lightweight Luggage From Delsey. The Helium sky 2.0 bags are constructed with micro ballistic fabric with EVA foam backing to extend the life of the bag. Helium sky 2.0 cases are fully featured with corner protectors and multiple pockets inside and out to maximize packing options.

Delsey Helium Shadow 3.0

delsey shadow 3.0 luggage

The Delsey Helium Shadow 3.0 collection is made of 100% polycarbonate making the bags both lightweight and tough. The most unique feature is the top lid opening. You can open and pack the Helium Shadow 3.0 collection like traditional soft side luggage but with the added protection and style of hard side luggage. This is the perfect Delsey luggage collection for travelers who are looking for hard side spinner luggage and carry ons but with the tradition packing ease of soft side luggage.

Delsey Buying Guide

From Delahaye to Delsey - A Touch of Paris

The year was 1946, a year of great changes. This was a time of reawakening and a starting over for the world. In Paris, people where hopeful and looking forward again. Businesses were getting back to business. Among them was a small family owned typewriter and camera case company that had been founded in Paris at the turn-of-the-century. ... ( keep reading )

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Latest reviews for Delsey


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Total Reviews: 5

Delsey Chatelet Hard+ 24in Spinner Suiter Trolley


Love this suitcase! It is very high quality and it's beautiful. I've already flown with it and it didn't scuff (white) since the casing is plastic-- it just is a beautiful suitcase

Delsey Honore+ 23.5in Spinner Trolley

Hate The Locking Mechanism


Delsey Comete 24in Exp Spinner Trolley

Very Light

Love it, very light. I recommend it.

Delsey 52in Dress Cover

A Better Size

My wife used this to take her wedding dress as a carry-on to our destination wedding. She was certain that if she put the dress into the checked suitcase, that the airline would lose that bag. We kept the dress from creasing when folded in half by stuffing a rolled-up hand towel into the crease.

Delsey Chatelet Hard+ 28in Spinner Suiter Trolley

Beautiful Bag

Beautiful bag. Get a cover to protect it.