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Travelpro Crew 10 26in Expandable Rollaboard

Well Built And Colorful

This is a well built bag. I like that you can get a color not just black so you can easily see it when it goes down the tarmac.

Travelpro TPro Bold 2.0 28in Expandable Rollaboard

Bold Rollerboard

It has the inline skate wheels that I love - and it isn't solid black so I could find it on the tarmac.

Travelpro Crew 10 26in Expandable Rollaboard

Roller Blade Wheels


Travelpro Crew 10 21in Expandable Spinner Carry On

Terrible Bag For Frequent Usage

As a Flight Attendant, this bag is TERRIBLE. It literally ROLLS away from you. And it constantly tips over. I cant stand this bag. However, for a lighter use bag for the average person who doesnt fly often, go for it. Just know, any hard usage or more than average usage will tear this bag up. I had it for a MONTH before it started falling apart.

ATM Luggage Smiley Classic 22

Easily Seen Luggage

You can't miss this luggage with its bright happy face. I love the yellow - easily seen!