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  • Top Travel Destinations

    Top Travel Destinations

    Dreaming of your next big trip? Whatever the reason may be, check out the top U.S. and international travel destinations to explore some great tips for your next big trip!
  • Travel Tips

    Travel Tips

    Whether you’re traveling somewhere you’ve been a hundred times or somewhere completely new, here are a few lists of essential travel tips to keep you organized and prepared.
  • The Best Luggage

    The Best Luggage

    We are often asked, "What is the best luggage?" This section will help you find the best carry-on, best checked luggage, and best travel accessories for your next vacation.
  • About The Travel Experts®

    About The Travel Experts®

    In 1908 , Philadelphia Leather Goods Co. was formed. This is the earliest trace of Luggage Factory 100+ year history.
  • About my Luggage

    About my Luggage

    Questions about luggage?  This section holds the answers to questions regarding, cleaning tips, warranties, locks, and more.
  • The Best Travel Accessories

    The Best Travel Accessories

    Travel accessories can make all the difference when preparing for your trip!  Learn which accessories are best and how to use them.
  • Blog Posts

    Blog Posts

    From traveling on a budget to exploring the best airports around the world, our guest writers share their favorite travel tips and destinations for you to explore in our blog.
  • TSA & Airline Regulations

    TSA & Airline Regulations

    Educate yourself on the policies and procedures of airlines & the TSA. A little preparation before the airport can make all the difference in flying through security smoothly.
  • Packing Tips

    Packing Tips

    Here are some basic guidelines that every traveler should consider when packing for a trip. Use these tips to stay on track for your next trip when packing, unpacking, and everything in between.
How do we know so much about luggage? Because we’ve been manufacturing and selling luggage in America since 1908. Our name is Luggage Factory because, from 1908 to 1990, we manufactured luggage in the USA as York Luggage Co. York Luggage grew to be the third-largest manufacturer of luggage in the USA. We are the Travel Experts® with more than 100 years of experience in the luggage industry.