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SwissElite Genuine Leather Luggage Tags & Bag Tags 2 pieces Set in 5 Color (Rice White)

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Color: Rice White


  • High quality genuine leather,soft and durable.
  • Reinforced and extended genuine leather strap: the buckle is made of 304 stainless steel and extremely durable;the length of the strap has been extended to make it easier to attach the tags to big items.
  • Two side printing information card: you can put two different addresses on front side and the back side.A smart card for writing personal information of luggage owner.
  • Privacy flap to protect your personal information: you can open the flap slightly to look into and make sure this is your stuff, while most of the time your privacy remains safe and sound from other travelers.
  • Strong and sturdy design: this tag has undergone dozens of long distance trip by land and by air to make sure it can survive any demanding traveling environment.


Made from high quality genuine leather, this luggage tag has been reinforced in all the possible ways to make it strong and sturdy.
The strap has been extended to make it easier to attach the tags; the metal buckle is made of strong 304 stainless steel; an additional leather loop is used to make sure the strap can attach the tags firmly to your bag or case.
With the help of the debossed brand logo on the front, you can identity this tag easily and you only need to spend a second to raise the privacy flap slightly to see the information card to make sure this is your tag.
The best part is, during 99.99% of your travel time, you privacy flap can keep your personal information safe and sound from any possible intruders.

Features of this item:

  • Cheap price including 2pcs set.
  • ID Identify card inside keep your information.With flap to keep your privacy remains safe.
  • 100% genuine leather and fall in love with the feel of premium leather.
  • 1 year quality guarantee.

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Package Dimensions: 5.0 x 5.0 x 0.7 inches