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Saddleback Leather Tournament Chess and Checkers Set - 100% Full Grain Leather Set with Carrying Case and 100 Year Warranty

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Brand: Saddleback Leather Co.

Color: Tobacco


  • SUITED FOR THE GRANDMASTER OR THOSE JUST LEARNING - Get rid of that boring electronic or vinyl chess set and buy Saddleback's one-of-a-kind, hand burnished leather chess set. There is nothing out there like it. If you were to stumble across an old pirate shipwreck, this is the vintage chess set you'd find on the captain's table.
  • BEST PORTABLE CHESS SET FOR OUTDOOR, HOME OR TRAVEL - The leather chess board rolls up and fits snugly into 2 leather end caps that make up the spherical carrying case with a leather shoulder strap. Wooden chess pieces and veg-tanned leather checkers pieces are stored in two pigskin leather bags that fit perfectly inside the rolled up chess board when in the carrying case.
  • 100 YEAR WARRANTY - We are so confident in the quality of our leather chess sets, we back everything we sell with a 100 Year Warranty. Our company motto is They'll Fight Over It When You're Dead. Whichever lucky grandchild inherits your premium chess set, we'll be there to help them.
  • 100% FULL-GRAIN LEATHER - Crafted from the most durable, most expensive, highest grade of cow leather (Full Grain), the Tournament Chess and Checkers Set takes hits well and looks even better with age. Much thicker and more heavy duty than typical, cheap genuine grade leather, our leather becomes soft and supple as it ages.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS - The Tournament Chess and Checkers Set is stitched with marine-grade polyester thread, which is 4 times as strong as commonly used Nylon thread, and reinforced with copper rivets for super durability. The travel case is lined with tough but soft pigskin lining, that is even stronger than cow leather, and includes all stainless steel 316 hardware.

Genre: Strategy

Warranty: We believe in our craftsmanship, materials and designs so strongly that we warranty them against defects in faulty materials and poor workmanship for 100 years. If itÕs our fault that it broke because we didnÕt put it together well or we used defective materials that didnÕt hold up like they were supposed to, then weÕll fix it or replace and send it back on our dime. But If youÕre out having a good time and you jack up your bag, then give us a call and weÕll see if we can help for free or for a small charge. Saddleback Leather products are made to last a lifetime, but the warranty does not cover misuse or abuse such as the following: If you take it shark diving in salt water (See video on website) and a rivet corrodes, or in an elephant stomps on it and creases the leather or if a crocodile bites it (See video on website) and tears off a d-ring. While each piece is designed to last a couple of lifetimes, even rocks wear away. So, if something does wear away like the thread in a spot that gets rubbed all day long or the leather where your steel discus wore through after ten years of carrying it to the track, get ahold of us and weÕll try to fix it for you or help you as much as possible. We want to make sure youÕre happy, but normal wear and tear is not covered by this warranty. Leave it in your will to have one of your descendants contact us, or one of our descendants and weÕll take care of you.



Are you a chess ambassador? There is no better chess set out there to highlight this amazing game. Our Tournament Chess and Checkers Set is a simple yet completely unique design. The 20" tournament-sized board is just 1 piece of full grain leather. Hand crafted wooden chess pieces are made by craftsmen in Poland, with each piece containing unique variances, and have felt bottoms. The thick, vegetable-tanned checker pieces are made by leather craftsmen in Mexico. The carrying case can be comfortably carried over the shoulder or cross body over the back while you wander the world. The set contains small pieces so be careful to keep them away from small children, hungry dogs and vacuums..


1. THE BEST PEOPLE - The quality of our leather chess sets is only as good as the people who make them. We employ the best leather artisans in the business.

2. THE BEST LEATHER - We only use full grain leather, which is the strongest, most expensive, highest grade of cow leather, sourced from reputable, environmentally friendly tanneries in Old Mexico.

3. THE BEST THREAD - Our thread quality cannot be emphasized enough. We use extremely strong, marine-grade polyester thread that is UV and saltwater resistant. You'll find the same thread used in parachutes.

4. THE BEST PARTS - Our hardware is surgical grade stainless steel 316 that will never degrade. You will not find snaps, magnets, zippers, Velcro or wheels, which all eventually break, on our leather designs.

5. 100 YEAR WARRANTY - We built this unique chess set to last AT LEAST 100 years. All our designs are field-tested to handle stampeding elephants, your daily morning commute, and small children. Whether your adventure takes you across the Serengeti, or uptown on the A train at rush hour, we've got you covered. If this leather chess set goes before you do, we'll fix it or replace it for free.

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