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Essential Oil Roller Bottles - 24 Pack 5ml Pearl Colored Glass Roller Bottles with Stainless Steel Roller Balls by Mavogel, Essential Oil key Opener and Droppers Included

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Brand: Mavogel


  • ★FASHIONABLE & ACTUAL GLASS BOTTLE - Pack of 24 pearl colored glass essential oil roller bottles with stainless steel roller balls, which is durable and fashionable for essential oil & other skincare applications
  • ★USEFUL TOOLS - Include essential oil opener and droppers, conveniently for making your own essential oil blends
  • ★TRAVEL SIZE & LEAK PROOF - 5ml, leak-proof roller ball & lids, you can take oils wherever you go
  • ★ANTI-UV - Pearl colored glass roller bottles keep essential oils and perfumes from light and UV Damage
  • ★QUALITY ASSURED - Any problems, please contact us, we will provide you proper solutions within 24 hours

Publisher: Mavogel


Set: 24pc * 5ml
Color: Yellow & Red & Blue & Green & White & Purple Pearl Colored

Let Your Roller Bottles Become Fashionable!
A refillable roll on bottle will allow you to pre-dilute your oil blends so that they can be applied directly to the skin without messy drips or spills. With the the essential oil opener and droppers, it is very convenient for making essential oil blends. What's more, there is a elegant sling designed on the top of the lid, you can freely hang the roller bottle at any place. And the essential oil bottles will always keep in a vertical state, which can protect your essential oil and prevent the leakage of essential oils.

Package Included:
Pearl yellow color glass roller bottle *4
Pearl red color glass roller bottle *4
Pearl blue color glass roller bottle *4
Pearl green color glass roller bottle *4
Pearl white color glass roller bottle *4
Pearl purple color glass roller bottle *4
1ml dropper *4
Essential oils opener *1

How to use the Essential Oils Opener:
Step 1: Removing the orifice reducer insert: put the edge of the opener underneath the reducer and push down. Reducer would pop out.
Step 2: Closing the orifice reduce insert: Once the reducer pops out, please find the suitable hole in the center of the opener. Then place the right hole on the top of reducer and press down.

30 days money-back and 6-month worry-free Guarantee!

1.Long-term use of essential oils can slightly corrode the roller bottle plastic insert. So we suggest you to replace the Stainless Steel Roller balls monthly.
2.Please do not wash the bottles with the water which is OVER 140 Fahrenheit.

Package Dimensions: 4.2 x 3.6 x 3.5 inches