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For Vendors

Vendor Wanted

We're searching for more Luggage and travel Vendors, if you have a product you want to sell on the site Send me a note at and we'll get everything started.

- We work fast: no complications or legal binding.

- We work on a dropship model , if a customer buys a product we order from you and you ship to the buyer.

- Must accept returns - if you send the wrong product or if the product is wrong or broken you are required to handle the return, when this happens it makes us look bad and we will not stand for it, our one strike rule means that if it happens once, its over, our customers come first.

- Shipping - you must be able to ship to the US but if you can ship to other countries let us know , we sell the whole world.

- No-pre ordering - buy one | sell one, we don't do bulk.

- We control prices - we can charge whatever we want, our customers come first and we will sell at a price that makes them happy. We will Pay what our vendors require.

- Instant payment:  We will buy the item and you will ship it to the customer, We don't do warehouse and pre-stock. this is done so we never own the vendors anything.

We are a new Luggage Factory, not tied to the old Luggage Factory and their business model, we want to bring in everyone and create a win/win scenario where the vendors never own us money and both the customers and the vendors are happy.  We care about quality , so if your product is shabby or broken or will cause issues for our customers we don't want it.

We prefer US vendors and luggage made in the US but welcome sellers from the whole world, Shipping must be fast, no 30 or 40 day shipping, maximum 10 days, Our customers are travelers and cant afford to wait a million years for their luggage.

Benefits for Vendors

- We will never own you money, buy 1 sell 1 means we will always pay for the product up front so long as you make sure the product makes it to the customer

- no work on your end - just give us your price list and inventory and we do all the hard work, no programming or API or nonsense

- Luggage Factory is Luggage Factory,  We have been in the Luggage industry and have been on business since 1908, wish is why our customers trust us.

- Your products will be on our Amazon, Ebay, Messenger, FB , Wish, Pinterest , point of sale, Instagram, Buzzfeed, SIBI, Houzz, Lyst, Carro, Localize , link and internal marketplace, reaching literally millions of buyers.


What we ask from vendors

- No BS, our customers are KING, product must be perfect and not broken, if you ship the wrong product or its not as advertise  we will remove you, don't mess with our customers.

- Ship fast - our customers don't have a lot of time, they are traveling, so no 30 day shipping or long shipping.

- Accept return if you messed up, if you send the wrong product be ready to accept a return or a replace

 If you wish to sell with us, drop me a line at or send a message on our chat