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At Luggage Factory Providing our customers with safe and secure shopping is at the top of our list. We know how essential the privacy and safety of our customers is, so much so that we have spent a lot of time safeguarding and ensuring that you are protected. Your transactions are supported by our industry-standard data encryption, and protected by Luggage Factory's Secure Shopping Guarantee. Please read about the procedures that we have taken to assist in protecting your privacy and making your online transmissions more secure.


With , you will not have to feel uneasy about the safety of your credit card. If unauthorized charges are made to your credit card as a result of shopping with us, you will not be held accountable. The Fair Credit Billing Act states that federal law limits your responsibility for unauthorized charges up to $50.00. This means your bank cannot hold you responsible for more than $50.00 of fraudulent charges. If your bank does hold you liable for any of this $50.00, we will cover you, up to the full $50.00. We will only cover this liability if the unauthorized use of your credit card for purchases made at our web site happened through no fault of your own.

How to Report Unauthorized Charges

In the highly unlikely event that you discover unauthorized charges on your credit card within 60 days of your purchase on our web site, here's what to do:

  • Promptly contact your credit card company and report the unauthorized charges. You should ask to speak to a representative of the company's fraud department. They can inform you of the company's fraud claim process and determine whether or not to charge you a personal liability fee.
  • If your credit card company: (a) determines that the charges were fraudulent charges resulting from your online purchase with us, and (b) holds you liable for any of the unauthorized charges, contact us immediately.
  • Please provide the following information:
    • Your name
    • Daytime phone number
    • Billing address
    • A copy of the credit card statement in question (please circle fraud charges)
    • Proof of your credit card company's fraud determination and liability fee
    • A description of the incident

We will protect you. For security reasons, our fraud department will validate your claim. If the fraudulent charges resulted through no fault of your own, we will then credit your credit card up to a maximum of $50 and send you a letter that confirms our reimbursement.

How We Protect You Against Fraud

Data encryption.

In order to help protect your credit card number and personal information, every order is encrypted. Encryption being a process where in we use software to scramble your personal information credit and card number in transit to Luggage Factory..

Positive identification.

Luggage Factory is registered with site identification authorities to allow your browser to confirm our store's identity prior to any transmission sent. With this technology, the identity of our site is automatically confirmed behind the scenes prior to the transmission of any customer information requested to complete an online order. Your data then reaches your intended location or your browser notifies you (prior to your sending any personal information) that the potential receiving site looks suspicious and should be avoided.

Privacy Concerns.

If you are worried only about the privacy of your credit card information, we suggest you submit your order electronically by fax or email without a credit card number and a sales representative will reach you to obtain this information. If you are still worried about submitting your personal information through the Internet then please feel free to contact us over the phone to complete your order. Your privacy is paramount. View our privacy information here.

With these measures in place, you can also feel assured that every credit card transaction you make at Luggage Factory is protected by the Secure Shopping Guarantee. For more details, view the guarantee above..

We hope that once you understand the measures we undertake and the steps you can undergo to protect yourself, you'll be as confident about the privacy of your transactions and personal information as we are, so when you buy online with Luggage Factory, you buy with confidence.