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Checked Baggage Restrictions and Fees

Recently, airlines have become much stricter enforcing their carry-on luggage size requirements. Previously, airlines measured the size of the actual bag (not including the wheels). Now, airlines are measuring from the floor to the top of the bag, including the wheels and handle, effectively tightening the restrictions and rendering older carry-ons too large.

Today, most domestic airlines in the United States allow carry-ons up to 22” by 14” by 9,” for a total of 45” linear inches. Many international flights have even tighter restrictions allowing bags sized only 42” linear inches or smaller. These dimensions do not apply to all airlines. Some airlines have dimensions slightly larger, or slightly smaller, so it is extremely important to check with the airline before using a bag as a carry-on.

Below we have provided a breakdown of most major airlines and their carry-on restrictions. Although we update this periodically, please be sure to check with the airlines for their most up to date restrictions and fees.