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Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich, the largest Swiss city, attracts a cavalcade of travelers each year through scenery, history, and beauty. The city upholds its reputation as one of the cleanest, safest cities in the world. From nearby mountains to vibrant blue waters, from history to modern architecture, Zurich has something for everyone. Plan your trip today! 5 Must-See Attractions: Bahnhofstrasse- A shopaholics dream, the bevy of stores available throughout Bahnhostrasse tempts buyers with deep pockets. Grossmunster- A gorgeous church providing a perfect back drop for the surrounding city, the architecture alone is well worth the visit. Zurich Opera House- Whether catching a show, or just marveling at the design, the Zurich Opera House and surrounding square inspire artistic emotions and peace in every traveler. Limmat (River)- A picturesque river that bisects Zurich, Limmat holds history and beauty, perfect for a relaxing afternoon stroll. Uetliberg Mountain- A fantastic natural viewpoint overlooking Zurich, Uetliberg Mountain provides all the best outlooks of the city interwoven through meandering hiking trails. 5 Great Sites for Kids: Museum of Art- One of the finest art collections in Europe, Zurich’s Museum of Art showcases pieces from different times and ages, perfect to learn and share with the kids. Zurich Zoo- While animals are similar in every zoo, the habitats and exhibits become the focus at Zurich Zoo. The enclosures are large and made to provide each animal with the most comfortable habitat possible. Toy Museum- A small collection of toys filled with classics from throughout the 20th century and more recent, exhibiting a unique experience for kids. Zurich Tram-Museum- Tram riding remains a unique form of travel spanning over a century, and the evolution of the tram car is detailed throughout this museum. Seebad Enge- The perfect spot to enjoy a swim or a little lake side lounge with the family on a warm day. 5 Free Attractions: Old Town- There’s as much history on the cobblestone streets of Old Town as any other European city. The streets are narrow and quaint, and there’s so much to see, all free of admission. Lindenhof- If Uetilberb Mountain is the best view of the city from afar, then Lindenhof might be the best overlook up close, providing a beautiful view of Old Town and the center of Zurich. Niederdorf- A bustling neighborhood for travelers to grab a bite to eat, window shop around town, or people watch. Lake Zurich- Extending through the city, Lake Zurich’s shores provide the perfect blue backdrop for an afternoon stroll. Parade Square- One of the central hubs of Zurich, Parade Square showcases local daily life in the city. 5 Great Restaurants-   Cantinettta Antinori- An Italian restaurant that leaves visitor’s raving about expertly crafted pasta and an enormous, rich wine list. Zunfthaus zur Waag- An authentic blend of Swiss and German cuisine is the specialty of Zunfthaus zur Waag. Loft Five- If you’re looking for a touch of American food while in Zurich, take a trip to Loft Five and grab a burger and a beer. They even have a substantial brunch menu. Kaiser’s Reblaube- Another spot for authentic Swiss cuisine, Kaiser’s Reblaube serves perhaps the best Zurcher Geschnetzeltes in all of Zurich. Backbar- If you’re feeling a pastry, whether it’s a donut or a quiche, Backbar serves some of the best pie-based items. 5 Great Nightlife Spots: Raygrodski Bar- A funky pub atmosphere with a modern European feel featuring eclectic and delicious cocktails. Kaiser Franz- If you’re a fan of a true beer bar, then Kaiser Franz is the place to go. Patrons can sample beers from around the world in a relaxed moody setting. Nietturm-A rooftop bar with an industrial feel, Nietturm remains a popular night spot in Zurich. It’s important to get there early to ensure entry! Mars Bar- A relaxed bar setting with a large drink menu and old school interior, the perfect place to catch a game or take a load off for the night. Gotthard Bar- A cozy corner bar with an excellent wait staff, Gotthard is a primetime night spot featuring live music and a fun atmosphere. 5 Romantic Getaways:   Botanical Garden- While it may be somewhat commercial, a walk through the Botanical Garden packs a romantic punch as the natural beauty and well-kempt gardens envelope your afternoon. Walk Lake Zurich- A stroll along the calming shores of Lake Zurich offers a relaxing atmosphere for you and your date. There are plenty of restaurant options along the shoreline for resting spots as well. Tonhalle Gesellschaft- A concert hall that invokes feelings of high society, Tonhalle Gesellschaft makes for an impressive afternoon out through spectacular performances and gorgeous locale. Cabaret Voltaire- An artsy nightspot with Dada flair and a quirky, intimate setting for a night out with someone special. Belvoir Park- Looking for a spot to escape the city for an afternoon picnic or scenic walk? Belvoir Park’s sprawling landscape provides the perfect venue for a little quality time for the special person in your life. 5 Must-Try Foods: Tartiflette- A widely available French meal consisting of reblochon cheese, onions, pork, and potatoes. Raclette- A dish consisting of roasted cheese, commonly melted on the grill, then mixed with vegetables or meats depending on the chef. Rosti- A potato dish that is the Swiss equivalent of hash browns, typically served at breakfast time alongside other foods. Zurcher Geschnetzeltes- Available throughout Zurich, Zurcher Geschnetzeltes consists of veal and a wine cream sauce. Bunder Nusstorte- A pastry resembling a small pie by filled with a caramelized nut combination depending on the chef’s choice. Climate: The climate in Zurich stays chilly throughout the year with winter temperatures staying in the low thirties (Fahrenheit), while the summer temperatures hover around the low to mid-sixties. The temperature range is relatively small; therefore, bringing a jacket or coat is a smart option. The average rainfall stays pretty constant at approximately seventy millimeters from October through April. The rainfall spikes in the summer months, particularly June and August when the precipitation rises over one hundred millimeters. Transportation: Zurich’s public transport retains a fantastic reputation among travelers. The train is centrally located, travels near all points of interest, stays fairly clean, and costs relatively little. Zurich also provides a network of trams for locals and travelers to take to different locations. Taxi and car services are also available. Safety Precautions: Zurich is one of the safest cities in the world, so travelers should visit the Swiss city with peace of mind. It’s still important to mind your surroundings and keep valuables close, but visitors typically leave glowing safety reviews after leaving Zurich. Souvenirs: This one might be fairly obvious to those with a big sweet-tooth, but to all others, Swiss chocolates are a can’t-miss souvenir to bring home for those close to you. If they don’t happen to like chocolate (WOW), then there are plenty of knick-knack shops around Old Town for something sentimental. Trip Highlights: Lake Zurich and Limmat stand out as the top attractions when visiting Zurich. The lake-side views coupled with an afternoon promenade along the river imprint lasting memories in every traveler’s brain. Those looking for a city feel, may take a trip to Old Town for rich history and unique Swiss flair. Documentation: All U.S. residents must obtain a passport in order to travel to Zurich. Bringing along other forms of identification and trip itineraries is also advisable for visitors looking to avoid any issues that may arrive during the journey. Air Travel Information: Zurich Airport (ZRH) handles most of the international transport into and out of Zurich. Most major airlines provide taxis service to the airport, including United Airlines, Air France, American Airlines, Delta, British Airways, and many more. Zurich Airport provides many options for transport to and from the city including: taxis, car services, shuttles, buses, and railways.

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