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Zao Fox Village Japan

In the small City of Shiroishi there is a very unusual Nature Reserve referred to as a “Village” with 6 kinds of Foxes. All living together. Foxes are a huge part of Japan Culture and lore but are beloved by most around the World. So Today’s Travel expert Blog is. Japan’s Fox Village. Precautions:
  • Do not Feed the foxes by hand. Foxes are carnivore and wild and when feeding they will mistake your hand for their meal.
  • 100 Yen worth of food – To feed and interact with the foxes you need to pay the piper.
  • Entrance to fox village – Entrance is more like a petting zoo and will appear a tad disappointing. Bare with them, it gets soo much better after you enter.
Attractions to check out.
  • Open Fox Habitat – After the entrance to fox village you will run into the fox habitad. Its an area with lots of trees and wilderness. As you walk you will notice the foxes running wild. Some will come up to you seeking food and you will be able to interact with them as they become curious. Mostly Foxes will flee or run around. Keep in mind that these foxes are very wild and some might bite you. There is very little supervision
  • Fox Torii Statues - The Reserve has small houses for foxes to rest and hang out. From those houses you can feed the foxes and lore them for a closer look. You are also permitted to photograph them from a safe distance if you keep the flash off.
  • Fox Petting stations - There are special trained foxes you can have closer interaction with . they have been further tamed but still are wild animals to excessive caution. That being said the experience is worth it.
Fox Village is small. Has about 200 Foxes yet for fox fans this is heaven. There are folks who are crazy about all things foxes. Fox dolls, fox ears, fox everything but the closes they will ever be to interacting with a real fox is in the wild on their backyard and only for a few seconds. Fox village on the other hand has many foxes that are used to hanging out around humans, kept safe in a preserve. They are adorable , playful, and vaccinated. There is very little risk of harm if you follow the instructions of the handlers. If you’re even in Japan, I am certain there are tons of places you can check out but do not neglect a visit to the fox village. They rely on tourist to support and preserve the Japanese wild foxes in an ever-growing urban jungle. Fox Village has a different face depending on the time of year. Winter Fox Village is 100% different from fall or spring. Its a little piece of Japan Wildness in the middle of a fast growing country.

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