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Zagreb, Croatia

While it may not top every traveler’s bucket list, cc With plenty of history, beautiful architecture, a quaint layout, and close proximity to those Adriatic beaches, Zagreb continues to climb the list of can’t-miss travel destinations. There’s a little something for everyone in Zagreb, plan your trip today! 5 Must-See Attractions: Zagreb Eye-A tower deck for visitors to peer out along the landscape of downtown Zagreb. It’s perhaps the best view in the city. Gornij Grad- Gornij Grad is the popular historic district home to many of the city’s greatest points of interest. Maksimir Park- One the most scenic sites in Zagreb, Maksimir Park sports forested trails, interwoven lakes, running paths, and the Zagreb Zoo. St. Mark’s Church- Originally constructed in the 13th century, St. Mark’s Church has stood the test of time in Old Town Zagreb, one of the truest sites in the city. King Tomislav Square- An airy park square centered around the statue of King Tomislav, the first Croatian king, King Tomislav Square is the perfect spot to catch your breath and soak in the sites of Zagreb. 5 Great Sites for Kids: Museum of Illusions- A mind bending museum filled with various exhibits designed to challenge your perception and make you smile. Museum of Torture- If your kids are a little older, then take a trip to the Museum of Torture, to learn about mankind’s devious history, or just to put a little scare in all of you! Medvedgrad Castle- Castles inspire wonder of an age long past for both young and old, and the forestry surrounding Medvedgrad Castle provides some of the best views in the city. Jarun Recreational Sports Center- An escape from the city hustle and bustle, Jarun gets the kids outside and into the open air. Park Bundek- One of multiple aquatic escapes throughout the city, Park Bundek offers a retreat from the activity of the city. 5 Free Attractions: Dolac Market- A smorgasbord of local food, florals, and market items; Dolac Market is the perfect place to catch a glimpse of Zagreb’s culture. Tkalciceva- One of Zagreb’s main drags with bars and restaurants on each side of the street producing a fun outdoor atmosphere that spills into the walkway. Radiceva- One of the Zagreb’s original streets highlighted by fine architecture, quaint cafes, and the statue of St. George. Mirogoj Cemetery- A beautiful, sprawling cemetery with artistry and sculptures throughout, Mirogoj doubles as both a peaceful resting place and natural beauty. Porta di Pietra- A religious site that echoes the voice of the thirteenth century via a dedication to the Virgin Mary on an ornately designed gate. 5 Great Restaurants: Rocket Burger Café- An authentic burger joint on tkalciceva street feauring some of the best sauce and ice tea in the city. Boban- Sporting one of the best atmospheres in any Zagreb restaurant, Boban features exquisite Italian cuisine along with traditional Mediterranean and Croatian dishes. Duksa Pizza- The crust is thin and the pie is unmatched by any in Zagreb, Duksa Pizza is the spot to get your fill of a variety of pizza flavors. Zrno Bio Bistro- If you’ve had your fill of meat, or you’re a vegetarian by nature, then chances are you’re going to love Zrno’s eclectic Croatic menu featuring healthy, vegan, and gluten free options. Pekarne Dinara- A quick breakfast stop into Pekarne Dinara kick starts the day with fresh baked bread and pastries. 5 Great Nightlife Spots: Tesla Power House- A cool crossover between a bar and café with throwback interior featuring Nikola Tesla and fantastic coffee. Swanky Monkey Garden- A laidback outdoor garden bar with good drinks and the perfect ambience to end the day. It might be the most in-demand spot in the city. Hop In- If you’re a beer connoisseur, then Hop In Craft Beer Bar might be your favorite night spot in Zagreb. Knowledgeable bartenders guide you to the perfect brew for any mood. Jiggy Bar- Live music is the specialty of Jiggy Bar, whether you like to groove or sit back and listen, Jiggy helps you relax after a long day. Opera Club- A top notch dance club with possibly the best party atmosphere in the city. People flock to the club in droves, particularly on the weekends. 5 Romantic Getaways: Zrinjevac- Located in the center of Zagreb, Zrinjevac breaks the sightline of architecture with fresh green grass and marble statues for character. Medvednica Mountain- If an outdoor hike or a trip along beautiful mountainsides sounds like the date for you, then you’ll find no spot more romantic than Medvednica Mountain. Atelier Mestrovic- A museum packed with beautiful sculptures from Auguste Rodin, and many other famous artists of years past. Zinfandel’s- An intimate, yet fancy and fine dining experience awaits patrons to Zinfandel’s. The menu is eclectic with skate, prime rib, and caviar all brilliantly presented to hungry couples. Wine Bar Basement- Great for spending quality time together outside and picking at finger foods in the meantime, Wine Bar Basement tastings are intimate and romantic. 5 Must-Try Foods: Manestra-A bean soup mixture infused with garlic, pancetta, and parsley. Istarski Fuzi- A hand-made pasta rolled into a quill shape and served with meat, truffles, or vegetables depending on the chef. Sarma- A Croatian pepper stuffed with sauerkraut, spiced meat, rice, and other specialties. Arancini- A candied fruit skin, often lemon or orange covered in sugar for sweet goodness. Fritule- Fried dough balls with lemon zest, fruit, and an infusion of liquor in the form of schnapps. Climate: The weather stays pretty mild throughout the year in Zagreb. The summer months, particularly July and August, see peak temperatures broaching 80 degrees (Fahrenheit), with lots of sunshine. The autumn and spring months are milder with temperatures hovering around the 50’s and 60’s. The winter months are chilly with temperatures remaining in the low 30’s (Fahrenheit). The average rainfall steadily climbs throughout the year until reaching a peak in June, July, and August. The rainfall sharply declines in the winter to approximately half the amount of the summer months. Transportation: Zagreb provides a number of services to taxi travelers around the city. The most popular form of public transportation in the city is the tram service. There are 15 different tram lines available for visitors along with an extensive bus network. Two main bus routes cover the city: the red route for the inner city, and the green route for the far reaching points of interest in Zagreb. Perhaps the most exciting form of public transportation in the city remains the Funicular Railway, which transports people from Lower Town to Upper Town. It may not be the most versatile system for traversing the city, but it is the most interesting for sure. Safety Precautions: Zagreb holds an esteemed reputation as one of the safest cities in the region. Travelers often remark how comfortable and at ease they feel at all times throughout the city, but like any major destination, it is best to use common sense. Do a little research before gallivanting into unknown regions of the city, and understand the sites you wish to visit. Crime exists in every city, and however rare it may be in Zagreb, it’s still best to do your research and approach the trip with caution. Souvenirs: A piece of handmade jewelry, clothing, tie, scarf, or other tchotchke makes a great gift to bring home to the family after a trip to Zagreb. The desserts are fantastic too, particularly the chocolate if you are able to bring it back with you! Trip Highlights: The trip to Old Town, soaking in the architecture, the sites, the sounds, and the smells in the form of beautiful, unique restaurants, will leave a lasting impression of your trip. While just a quick trip, the view from the Zagreb Eye remains etched in your mind. Documentation: All U.S. residents hoping to visit Zagreb need to obtain a passport before traveling. Maintaining a form of photo identification at all times is a must for a trip to any city, particularly when traveling outside of the country. Air Travel Information: Zagreb Franjo Tudman Airport (ZAG) principally provides service to and from Zagreb. Most major airlines, including Air Europa, Air France, British Airways, Brussels Airlines, Korean Air, and Swiss International Airlines all provide service to the city. Transport back and forth to the airport is available via bus and rental car services once you reach your destination.

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