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Yeti DNA Found in the Himalayas

Yeti DNA Found in the Himalayas

Yesterday, an Oxford scientist made an interesting find. He discovered the DNA existence of a Yeti. Bryan Sykes, examined two hair samples found in the Himalayas. The DNA tests today proved to belong to a yeti.

The DNA matches the sample of a yeti like polar bear creature that lived 40,000 years ago. According to his research, this strange bear might still be roaming the mountain range. The thing was the foundation for the yeti legend.

With this DNA evidence, Sykes hopes to lead an expedition to the Himalayas to capture the yeti alive. He even told NBC News that he wanted Bigfoot enthusiast to return to the forest to find the real thing. He wants people from all over the world to send him hair samples that may belong to strange mammals.

In the first part of the study, Sykes analyzed 36 hair samples from all over the world. They were all from either a yeti, an American Bigfoot, an almasty from Russia or an Orang Pendek from Sumatra. All but a few hair samples proved to be legit.

Aside from yeti, he analyzed a golden-brown hair sample from an animal show by a hunter in Ladakh India. This animal was shot killed 40 years ago. He also analyzed a reddish brown hair from Bhutan. Both samples belonged to a long-lost bear.

Prof Sykes said that the study had yet to find a human like creature. Still, a strange yeti like bear is the next best thing. As it happens, most crypto zoologist animals tend to be very weird, unknown animals. Sykes asks travelers to send him whatever strange hair sample you find while hiking in the forest.

You may discover an animal that was supposed to have been extinct. Heck, you might even find DNA evidence of Bigfoot itself. It certainly is a great way to pass the time. With any luck, Sykes will capture the yeti like bear.

Sykes speculates that the yeti is a descendant of a crossbreeding between a brown and polar bears. The new species then followed its own evolutionary course. To solve the problem once and for all, the logical thing will be to search the Himalayas from head to toe… good luck with that.

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