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Why shopping local is better

Why shopping local is better

Many people prefer to do their shopping on line-especially during the holiday season.  Face it, who wants to fight crowds in the malls or at the big box stores??  With a couple mouse clicks, your shopping can be done and in a few days, a brown or purple and white or red, white and blue truck will show up at your house and lots of boxes will be dropped on your porch.  Sounds great, right?

Wrong!  Navigating the rivers of cyber shopping can be stressful too.  And, if you really want advice about which products to buy, how they work and why one item is better than the next, would you rather ask a virtual assistant or a real human?

We thought so!  Real humans, the ones who work in your local community, are the best places to shop.  Why?  Store owners and employees are well trained experts on the products and services they’re selling.  Plus, they live and work within your community.  Many shops in your area have been in existence for decades and they depend on your patronage for their livelihood.  When you shop locally for things like home furnishings, toys, hardware and, yes, luggage, your questions will be answered, your needs will be met, you’ll make an informed decision and you’ll save time!  Store staff will get to know you and can let you know when your favorite item is in stock.

Have you ever ordered something on line, and then when it is delivered, does not appear as depicted on the website?  When you go into an actual store, you can touch and feel the merchandise and see the color, size and construction of your items.  Actual humans working in stores can suggest alternatives as well.  Also, well trained sales people can suggest accessories that coordinate or enhance your purchase.

On the outside chance that you need to exchange your items, or get them fixed, local retailers will be here to help you get a replacement.  If you have a hard time operating your suitcase or your dishwasher, calling the local store will get you someone who can walk you through setting the lock or help you determine what kind of detergent to use.  Try doing that on line – if you can even find a phone number to call them (not to mention speak to a real person!)

This holiday season, why not escape the jungle known as the internet and head out to your local retail shops.  You’ll contribute directly to the small business owners and employees around you and they’ll help you choose gifts for your family and friends, and maybe even for yourself!  Spread holiday cheer in your town and help ensure that future generations still have brick and mortar stores to visit.

Your friendly Travel Experts® at Luggage Factory wish you a happy holiday season.

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