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What your luggage says about you.

Different people take different things when they travel.   We’ve all seen the hippie walking through the airport with just a guitar and a journal or the businessman who has perfected the science of compacting all his clothing into a Travelpro Carry On using Eagle Creek Pack-it cubes.   But what does YOUR luggage say about the type of traveler you are.   Are you a risk taker?  A tourist?  or maybe a backpacker? Or are you packing for the off chance that you’ll meet someone and turn your vacation into a lifechanging experience.   Our Travel Experts will evaluate the full spectrum of travel possibilities and has derived this classification of Traveler
  • The Wondering Samurai Backpacker – You’re adventurous; will you be able to find a place to buy enough supplies to make it thru the trip? Who knows? Who Cares?  You’re in it for the experience and the adventure.  Who needs the comforts of a hotel?  Not YOU.   Your mind is set on the thrill of the unknown, the chase of memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime.  So, what if you forget your toothbrush?  Another reason to make lasting friendship with the locals? The Samurai Backpacker brings just the essentials and nothing else.  He is often carrying a hunter knife or a Victorinox swiss army knife. The average Adventurer traveler is not a 28-year old man but a 47-Year-old Female and she is fearless.  Unlike the common stereotype, most backpackers are adventurous women who are seeking new and fulfilling experiences rather than young, fit male rock climbers.
  • The “I mean Business” Carry On person – You mean business, you’re serious and chances are that you’re going to meet a new company to close a deal in a faraway state or country. You’re just as efficient as your perfectly packed bag.  Your clothing is neatly wrapped in specially designed packing cubes from Eagle Creek and you can fit a year’s worth of clothing in a carry on. It also means you probably carry FAR more than you need and you will just go on a guided tour, your adventures will be less exciting but they will be controlled.
  • The “take your home with me” suitcase, carry on and duffel person. You like options and being prepared for anything – call it a passion for perfection. If you meet a special someone at the bar after dinner, you want to look effortlessly put together, even if that effort includes 10 wardrobe changes. You took with you, your pillow, your blanket, your books, and your bed if you could fit it. You have changes of clothing and matching styles, WAY more underwear than you’ll need on your trip. For this type of travelers, luggage sets are ideals.
  • The “Airport Aristocrat” – Suitcase + Garment Bag + Carry On. You’re sophisticated and debonair. You don’t use Travelpros and Delseys.  That’s beneath you.  It’s the $600 Hartmann or Zero Halliburton or nothing.  Hartman coupon?  Who needs them?  I don’t need 20% off.  Usually this type of traveler is either wealthy or celebrities.  It’s not your fault that your personal belonging requires separate carrying cases, that’s why Prada made that collection anyways. Vacations are an opportunity to portray your best self, and you intend to do that with your designer luggage.
  • The Multitasking Parent – Duffel bag, two suitcases + Carry on + kid’s luggage + Stroller + You’re practical. If you can’t get peace on the plane, no one can. So, you brought every favorite toy your child has, and your arsenal of cartoons on your iPad is prepped and ready to end a tantrum. You’re also packed for every emergency you could run into, and you’re not fazed by the businessman glaring at you in the security line. Your kids have their own kid’s luggage and everything is under control.
  • - The Lone Ranger – This type of traveler carries with him nothing but a duffel bag or small backpack with nothing but a pillow and a road map. They are very versatile and don’t need anything. They are in it for the joy of survival and are very cool folks to hang around with.
It doesn’t matter what type of traveler you are, we can equip you for all your travel needs. Talk to one of our Travel Experts at Luggage Factory and we can advise you on the right luggage for you.

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