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What To Do With Damaged Luggage?

While luggage is built to withstand the wear and tear of travel, like anything else, mishandling and damages can occur. Even the best and most durable bags can lose a handle or have a wheel knocked off in today’s world of frequent travel. So, what do you do when your pull handle breaks or your zipper comes off its track? The first thing you should do is report the damage to the airline as soon as possible. In certain circumstances, the airline will cover the damage to your bag; however, this happens on a case by case basis as the airline has to take responsibility for the damage. In these situations, they may give you a voucher to present to the repair shop worth a certain dollar amount or will follow their own specific procedure depending on the airline and the nature of the damage. The brand and line of luggage determine whether or not the damage will be covered under warranty. Depending on the brand, a number of different warranties could possibly cover your luggage. Some brands cover all of their products under the same warranty. However, other brands cover different luggage lines under varying warranties depending on the make and model. Often, a manufacturer will refer you to a nearby, authorized luggage repair shop to correct damages. However, every bag and every situation is different; therefore, it is best to contact the manufacturer before having the bag repaired. Below is some basic information on some of our most popular luggage lines.

Briggs & Riley:

Briggs & Riley insures its entire product offering under its “Simple as That” warranty. In other words, Briggs & Riley will repair any damage caused by manufacturer’s defects and common carrier damage. This means that if a bag is damaged in transit, airline, bus, or other, Briggs & Riley will fix the bag without charge. Normal wear and tear as well as cosmetic damage is not covered under warranty; however, it does cover the functional integrity of the bag. To have the bag repaired, either bring the bag to an authorized repair shop, or send the bag directly to Briggs & Riley through their Official Repair Process. The only charge to you is the charge for shipping. Everything else will be covered; it’s as “Simple as That.”


Delsey’s warranty is dependent on the luggage line you buy. At the time of purchase, a warranty card is included with your bag that explains the type and duration of your warranty. Delsey warranties usually last either, 2, 5, or 10 years depending on the bag you purchase. If you lost the card containing warranty information, you can contact Delsey to determine your luggage line and warranty. As with other brands, time plays a large role in determining whether or not you still have warranty coverage, so it is important to retain a copy of your receipt to prove the date of purchase. Once the warranty information is obtained, you can either take your bag to an authorized repair shop or contact Delsey for instructions for fixing your bag through their company.


Rimowa covers its business and travel luggage offering a 5-year guarantee. This warranty only applies to manufacturer’s defects, and not damages caused by normal wear and tear or carrier damages. In order to repair your damaged bag, we recommend that you take it to one of the authorized repair shops listed on Rimowa’s website, or contact them directly to determine the next step. As long as it is within five years of your original purchase date, and the damage is due to a defect in manufacturing, the damage will fall within their guarantee. Rimowa North America Contact Line: 1-519-653-1445


Samsonite offers a wide variety of luggage lines with different accompanying warranties. If your luggage becomes damaged, the best course of action is to contact Samsonite with the model of the bag and the nature of the damage in order to see if it is covered under warranty. Once you have determined if your bag is covered under warranty, then you can take it to an authorized luggage repair shop, or have it shipped to Samsonite for repair. Samsonite Contact Information: (800) 765-2247


Like Samsonite, Travelpro has a number of different luggage lines that are covered by different warranties. It is recommended that you ascertain the model and line of your luggage before contacting Travelpro to determine if your bag is covered under warranty. Once you know if your bag is covered you can either bring the piece to an authorized repair shop or contact Travelpro directly about the repair.


The timeline of damage to a TUMI bag is important when it comes to repair. TUMI bags come with a 5 year limited warranty. For the first year of the warranty, TUMI covers manufacturer’s defects and common carrier damage caused by transit. Normal wear and tear and cosmetic damage are not covered during the first year or at any point after. After the first year, in years 2 through 5, TUMI covers manufacturer’s defects only. Once the 5 year period is up, the warranty has expired and the bag is no longer covered. To have your bag fixed, you must ship it to TUMI or take it to an authorized repair shop. If the repair is within the first year TUMI will cover the cost of everything including shipping. In years 2 through 5 you will be responsible for the shipping charges. Since this warranty is time contingent, proof of purchase is extremely important for warranty and repair, so make sure you retain a copy of the receipt.

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