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What NOT to pack in your luggage

Travel tip of the day… People often ask us for packing tips and suggestions for making trips easier, especially casual travelers who may be embarking on a special trip. Today, we’d like to remind you that knowing what NOT to pack in your checked luggage is even more important. When traveling, never put anything that you cannot replace, or live without, in your checked luggage. Recently, a customer told us that on his last trip, he purchased some sterling silver jewelry as gifts and put it into his checked bag. When he returned home and went to retrieve the gifts, he opened the suitcase and the jewelry was gone. Another time, someone’s carry on was too large to put in the overhead bin so it was gate checked. Of course she thought that her 24” bag would be acceptable as a carry on even though it was too tall. Again, the bag contained some family heirloom jewelry that while not expensive, was sentimental and irreplaceable. Upon getting back home, she too noticed that items were stolen from this suitcase. Theft of valuables is not the only reason why care must be taken when packing checked luggage. Once, while this writer was in line at baggage services to file a damage claim, the passenger in front of me was arguing with the agent. Seems that the passenger packed her son’s medicine in a piece of checked luggage and that bag didn’t make it onto her connecting flight. This was not the error of the airline, rather of the passenger. Incidentally the lady was at her final destination and her bag was going to arrive a short time later; alternately, she probably would be able to obtain some medicine until her luggage was delivered. A good rule of thumb is to never pack anything of value if it will not be within your sight at all times. Even if you only travel with a carry on, it’s a good idea to have a small grab bag inside your suitcase that contains valuables so you can remove this in the event your carry on is gate checked due to space limitations. Before you leave for your trip, take a moment to review the contents of your luggage. If you cannot live without something, either carry it with you, or leave it at home.  

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