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What Makes a Travel Experts®

What Makes a Traveler Expert? To make the best of your trip, You do not need to be a Travel Expert. That being said, professional road masters like The Travel Experts® at Luggage Factory have a few tips to make you a travel master. First, learn as much of the language of the country as you can before you travel, even slang. Its not realistic to expect to speak the language of the place you are traveling, specially if you're stepping out of your comfort zone, but put some effort into it. Learn as much as you can, specially the essentials. Also, be mindful of cultural differences. Research them ahead of time to avoid culture shocks. Also GPS , like technology will fail at some point, so learn to use a map. Be mindful of public transportation, in case you find yourself stranded, you know how to find your way back to the hotel. The Travel Experts® Book their trip at least 54 days before the flight to get the lowest prices possible. They Study the TSA guides to make sure they will not have issues at the airport. They take advantage of Flier Miles and participate on reward programs to help with the cost of travel. When they travel they bring their own snacks because airplane food is awful no matter where you flight. Even first class. Travel Experts Know that when traveling they must not wear flags or logos. The peace sign in the US is the "St. Peter Hanged Upside down Satan Symbol" in Rome, and the "Rock and Roll" sign is the "I'm a Devil Worshiper" sign in many Hispanic countries. To be safe wear politically neutral clothing with no strange logos or flags. Travel Experts Indulge in traditional Dishes and Local Brews, they go to the local market and make dishes in the traditional food of the country. They ask the local for traditional food to have a true and genuine experience in other the country they visited. Travel Experts Keep their money divided on separate compartments. They place the large amounts on a Safe, and Place some on suitcase and do not keep more than $20 on a wallet. They carry a Decoy Orange wallet on their pocket and conceal the real wallet on the shoe or strapped on the leg . They know that carrying wallets on the back pockets is a definite NONO!! Finally Expert Travelers Know to choose comfort over style. DO not wear uncomfortable shoes when you travel.
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Travel Experts Know that their luggage must be very light and easy to carry, and they definitely know to bring a travel backpack for when they are on the go. They know to carry Duct Tape for the perfect fix-all. They know that when trekking they must pack a first Aid kit, Backup Battery and solar powered charger. Travel Experts Bring compact Umbrellas for a rainy day. They Have Smartphone destination specific apps. There are some apps that work better on Spain or on Latin America, Research what the hip app of the country is before traveling. They know that when packing it is better to Roll than to fold. They carry E-readers instead of books to travel. Books are awesome but take too much space. E-readers are easier to carry. They always pack a Poncho and bring a refillable water bottle to remain hydrated.

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