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Venice Banning Wheeled Luggage

In a city facing larger issues such as rising waters from global warming, an evacuation of locals because of high rents and property prices, and approximately 60,000 tourists arriving daily, luggage would seem to be the least of their worries. However, the city council is demanding that wheeled luggage has to go. City officials are cracking down putting measures in place to discourage the trend of couples attaching padlocks to bridges because of the city’s fragile old structures. Some 20,000 “love locks” were removed from the Rialto and Academia bridges. As many as 27 million annual tourists will be affected by Venice’s ban on wheeled suitcases come May 2015. The idea of city commissioner Victor Zappalorto will require luggage with quieter air-filled tires instead of the hard-plastic wheels. Venice authorities claim hard wheels are not only a noisy nuisance, but they are also damaging the historic marble streets and canals. For anyone caught using the clattering luggage, city officials will fine up to 500 euros ($620). However, in a city without roads, towing heavy luggage does not come easy without wheeled suitcases. Tourists either have to get to their hotels by water bus or walking. This will force the millions of annual visitors to purchase special suitcases that are compliant with the laws come May of next year. But fear not. This doesn’t mean that every suitcase is completely banned, just the majority of hard rubber or plastic casters. Venice Banning Wheeled Luggage may be difficult to implement by the lack of luggage companies manufacturing these required air-filled tires and could also cause inconveniences for travelers. Officials are hoping that this will inspire someone to start designing and selling these bags by May. There are arguments ruling this to be impractical and that the city should renovate their pavements instead of forcing tourists to buy a different suitcase. Until that happens, you may need to pack light…very light. We recommend you check out High Sierra A.T. Gear Ultimate Access 26in Wheeled Duffel. It’s 2 bags in one and can be used as wheeled duffel at the airport or as a backpack when walking the streets of Venice.

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