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Vacation Tips for Workaholics

Workaholics traditionally hate going on vacation. They eventually cave in to family pressure and end up going on vacation anyway. Still, there is a way to go on vacation, while keeping your desire to work under control. Remember, vacations are necessary and it would not kill you to get away from the office for a couple of days. In order to avoid the stress of going on vacation, there are a few important tips to follow. In the week before leaving, have all important work finalized. This will remove the unnecessary guilt of leaving on vacation. You can also hand over key tasks to someone you trust in the company. This will assure the work gets done, and it will give you peace of mind. There is no need to shoulder the entire weight of the company. If you give your colleagues a chance, you might just get a pleasant surprise. Still, for your peace of mind give them menial jobs. Even before heading out, start getting into the vacation mood. Try sipping a cup of tea or eating an apple, watch a good movie as well. In time, you will get used to the idea of going on vacation. As for the vacation, do try not to have every little movement planned out. This is a temptation of both workaholics and control freaks. Trying to control everything is anything, but relaxing. It will also stress out those unfortunate enough to vacation with you. It is sometimes nice to just let things unwind, to take in experiences as they come along. Once you get to your vacation destination, you are allowed to check your emails from time to time. Studies show that not checking work emails for the entire vacation, stresses workaholics instead of helping them relax. A quick read over the top is always a good way to calm your nerves. Though, do try not to glue yourself to your cellphone. Try also some physical activities like volley ball or swimming. Getting your body in motion with a game is a great way to distract you. Some experts suggest not using your smartphones. This may or may not work for some people. If you must live with it, you can always buy a waterproof protector for the phone. Workaholics rarely feel relax, without having physical contact with their phones. Though first and foremost, you must avoid the temptation of getting any actual work done. Reading the emails is meant to reassure you that everything is being handled correctly. They are not designed to entice you to get the work done from far away. Still, there will always be some douche manager who tries to trick you into working. You must have the common sense to ignore his request, if possible. Though, if there is a huge problem in the company; do offer your support. After all, it will not do for the company to go under because of a little vacation. With any luck, nothing terribly wrong will occur while you are away. Any smaller tasks can always be left to the droves. Another important thing to plan is your return back to work. Take some time and look through emails and see what sort of tasks must be done first. Even if you are back early, leave the Out of Office on. This will let you catch up with everything, and not be overwhelmed with extra work. If you enjoyed a new activity while on vacation, try it out once you get back home.   It will help you unwind, even in the aftermath of a terribly long workday. Each time you do this new thing, it will recall in your mind the relaxing memory of the vacation. Each repetition will make that activity all the more invigorating. Lastly, do not be tempted to pull overtime after the vacation. Overtime has a way of undoing everything that was done by the vacation. There will never be enough hours in the day to get everything done. Still, it is preferable to leave some works for tomorrow, than risk getting burned out. After all, work suffers if you are not at your peak. Remember, vacations are necessary to make life bearable. After all, all work and no fun make you a dull person.

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