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Vacation like a local.

  Tired of the usual cookie cutter hotels? Are you spending a week or more in another city? Have you considered renting an apartment, condo or home for your stay? This can be a great way to save money, have more space and actually immerse yourself into the culture of your travel destination! Cities like London, Paris and even New York City lend themselves to visitors wanting to immerse themselves into the destination and live like a local! With the growth of websites like, and even, it’s getting easier to book a stay in an apartment or condo in another city! Most will be equipped with fully stocked kitchens, laundry facilities and all the other comforts of your own home at a price much lower than that of a chain hotel.   Having access to a kitchen gives you the chance to save money on your food budget by giving you an alternative to dining out for every meal. Why not pick up some fresh croissants or baguettes in Paris, get some coffee and eat breakfast at “home” while planning your day out in the city. Sometimes your hosts may provide some basic provisions like water, jams, cheese or perhaps a transit pass. If you correspond with the owner ahead of your visit, they may be able to tell you the names of the best markets near the house, or great shopping spots that are off the beaten path. They can also steer you to non-touristy places to eat that are popular with locals. You will get a great deal of enjoyment by getting off the beaten path!   Many of the websites offer verified photos of the rental properties. Some units are large enough to share with another family as well and can save you even more. Since many of these rentals are in private homes, they are often equipped with laundry facilities. You can pack less, save on checked bag fees and have more money to spend in your destination city.

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