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Useful Apps for Travelers

Those traveling to new countries will find these phone apps really useful. The first useful app is called Word Lens. With it, you can take a photo of a sign written in a foreign language and get it instantly translated. This is especially useful for tourists in places like China, where the words are not even written in the same alphabet. Mind you, this is a paid app, which costs 7 euros. The Touch Notes free app does not do anything particularly useful. Though, it is cute for making postcards and sending it to your friends. It comes with the perfect format and everything. This will save you the effort of buying a real postcard in another country. Magic Hour is more for photographers. It works like a cookie alarm clock. By putting your current location, it will inform you when it is the best time to take photos. Though, frankly the best time is usually between 2 and 5 p.m. The free Urban Spoon app is useful for finding restaurants. It will scan your location and show you the listing and the foods of the restaurants that surround you. Food is important, and it is never wise to just go into the first restaurant you find. This is truer in countries where they serve food like squids or reptiles. This app can lead you to a restaurant that serves food that are more in tune with what you are used to. Tipulator is for people who believe in tipping. It will inform you of the tipping rate of the country you are visiting. The Travelsafe pro is a useful app for people who travel with medical conditions. It has a database of the emergency numbers of every country. The last two are Pin Pin ATM Finder and Wi-Fi Finder. Like their name states, these apps can be used to finding free Wi-Fi and a nearby ATM.

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