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Unique Ways People Get Around in Other Countries

Traveling about, offers tourists’ opportunities to get out of their shell, to see something new. Part of the culture shock most often experience by tourists involves the unique way the locals get about. Each country has its own quarks, from high tech to traditional modes of transportation. Other methods are just plain bizarre, and even dangerous by tourist standards. This is just some example as to what to expect when traveling all over the world. For winter travelers, it is best to check out Lapland, Finland. This area is considered the most cultural region in Europe. The Sami People still live in close proximity to the land. They get around like Santa Claus, in sleds pulled by reindeer. The deer population is at a 1 to 1 ratio with the locals. Toward the high tech side, France has tramways. France alone has this mode of transportation in over 22 cities. It is the quickest way of getting around in French urban centers. In Wuppertal, German suspension railway is more their style. These railways transport over 25 million people each year. It is one of the nicest, most scenic ways of getting about. In Aegina, Greece tourists can get about in a fancy Hydrofoil. It is designed to skip across other islands. It is the fastest way of getting about in Greece. Venice has its romantic Gondola system. Tourists can enjoy a nice ride through the canals. It is the perfect transportation system for vacationing honeymooners. The gondola drivers know every landmark in the city, and they can point you in the right direction. Tourists can easily see all the sights in Venice from the comfort of a gondola. In Madeiran, Portugal the locals get about in good old fashioned Toboggan. This ancient practice is still maintained by the locals. Tourists can easily get down from Monte to Funchal using a Togoggan. It is quite the thrilling 20 minute ride. Russia has a nice electric trolleybus. The first trolleybus was made in Russia, in 1902. In Beyoglu, Turkey has an inclined tram railway. Turkey has one of the oldest subways in the world. It was made in 1874. Klein Matterhorn, Switzerland has an Aerial Tramway. It is suspended 3,820 meters above the ground. It takes travelers up to the Zermatt Peak. The UK has something that they call a hovercraft. It actually a boat with a sort of cushioned bottom designed to provide a smooth ride across the water, in really high speed. In the Athabasca Glacier of Canada, the locals get around using a terra bus. It is like a bus, with monster truck wheels. It can pass through any rugged terrain. In the thrilling department, tourists can travel using Zip lines. Costa Rica is famous for having canopy tours. These tours give tourist the impression of flying through the air. Closer to home, Wisconsin has the Ice Angel. It is the quirky name given to this boat, which passes through an icy highway. Alaska too still uses sled dogs. Tourists can enjoy ridding with these puppies, while exploring this frozen wonderland. In Lake Titicaca, Peru, tourists can ride an interesting reed boat. The Uros who live in this area still live a traditional life, making these strange floating island boats. They are quite iconic in Peru. Kerela, India also has houseboats. They are a great alternative to staying in traditional cruises. If speed is what you are after, Japan has its bullet trains known as the Shinkasen. They run at an astonishing 320 kilometers an hour. In the Philippines, some transports are a bit crowded. This is well noted in the uniquely designed Habal-Habal. It is a motorcycle built to carry 10 people at a time. It is the choice transportation when getting through villages and other remote areas. Another popular tourist’s vehicle is Vietnam’s Cyclo. It is a type of taxi tricycle. The tourists sit up front, while the driver wheels them through the city. The versatility of these tricycles help tourists get around faster than in regular taxis. Since they are smaller in size, the cyclist can take plenty of shortcuts. In the Shotover River Canyons of New Zealand, tourists can ride a uniquely shaped boat. The boat can turn 360 degrees to give the tourists a dizzy view of the Canyon Rivers. Another interesting mode of transportation worth mentioning is the Feluccas of Egypt. These traditional sailboats have been used in Egypt for many generations. Tourists can ride these boats like Ancient Egyptians, and see what Egypt has to offer. The ride is much calmer than motor boats. In Laos, the locals of Luang Prabang get around while ridding elephants. They work better for safari rides since no animal is foolish enough to pick a fight with an elephant. This is a nice change of pace from going on a traditional horseback ride. These are some of the many interesting modes of transportation all over the world.

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