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TSA Survival Tips and Tricks

For years the TSA has worked continually on revising its policies to issue the safety of all traveler. However this has caused some Frustrations among Passengers. here is what you need to know before you even leave the Airport. 1- By Organizing your packed items security officials can easily see whats in your bag. 2- Do NOT gift wrap. 3- Wrap electronics cords so they aren't loose in your bag. 4- All Coats and jackets must be X-Rayed, so pack them in checked luggage whenever possible. 5- Oversized electronics including laptops and tablet must be removed form your bag for x-ray scan. Since August 2006, The TSA has determined that its safe for limited quantities of liquid, aerosols and gels to be brought on board an aircraft. Remember the 3:1:1 and 3:4 rule. There are a few exceptions 1- Medications, baby formulas and breast milk are allowed in reasonable quantities. You must declare these at the checkpoint 2- Stick Deodorant is fine in any size. 3- Gel or aerosol/spray deodorant must be 3.4oz or less. Perfumes shoudl go in the checked bag. TSA offers a full list of prohibited carry-on items on their website; however, whether or not these items are prohibited can change at any time and vary from airline to airline. Allowed: Knitting needed, Small hand tools, Nail clippers, scissors shorter than 4" , Batteries (AA,AAA,C,D) Corkscrews without a knife. Not allowed: Knives, Flammable item, Hockey sticks, Razor type Blades, Gel type candles, Firearms Confiscated Items : Sometimes, no matter how well you thought you packed, security may have to confiscate one of your items. What are your options and what happens to it? Between 2015 and 2016 TSA confiscated 23Million Prohibited Items. Among them 11,616249 Where Lighters, and more than 1000 Guns. When a Prohibited item is found at a checkpoint the passenger has four options. 1- Take the item to the ticket counter and check it in your luggage. 2- to to a mail facility in the airport and ship your item home. 3- If someone is seeing you off, you can give the item to them. 4- if your car is at the airport you can take the item to the car. Once confiscated, the item becomes property of the federal government. Each day , week or month these items are picked up and are disposed of or donated to non-profit organizations. the TSA does not sell or profit from the sales of the property. 30 States have arrangements with their airport and TSA to take the confiscated items and sell them at auction, some states donate them to schools, fire departments, and charities.

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