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Travel Tips for the New Travelers

Traveling poses many unique challenges for individuals. Most people figure things out as they go along. Still, it does not hurt to read up on these interesting tips for making travel easier. The first one is how to pack one’s luggage. It is recommended to roll clothing, instead of folding them. This prevents items from getting creases. It will also allow you to pack more into your luggage, since rolled up items take up less room. Socks can also be rolled up and stashed inside shoes to provide a little bit of extra cargo space. Also wear big shoes to the airport, and pack the small shoes in the luggage. You must also take care to make digital copies of all your important documents, like passports, booking information, and boarding passes. Certain countries like Europe use different voltages of electricity. To charge your electronics, be certain to read up on these differences to buy the right adaptors. Most travelers assume that electricity flows the same way, in all places. If all else fails, remember that most TVs today have a USB port. You can charge your cell using the TV’s USB port. Also, before you start buying Wi-Fi from the hotel look to see if there are free Wi-Fi hotspots in the area. These are usually located in cafes, or public parks. Certain phone plans include global coverage. This may be useful for people who travel often, and desire to stay connected. Do not go into other countries expecting for the hotels to have free Wi-Fi. Most times, they overcharge you for internet privileges. Aside from this, you can put dryer sheets in your luggage to keep clothing smelling fresh. If you need an offline map, you can go to Google Maps and type “OK maps”. This will save a section of the map in your phone. The last important issue has to do with credit cards. Credit card companies and banks are used to getting your purchaser locations from a specific spot. They will get a little antsy if suddenly they get credit card purchases from another country. To avoid having your credit card cancel or frozen, inform the respective companions of your travel intentions. They must be informed that you will be in a specific place, for a certain number of days. Failure to do will create all sorts of problems. Keep this information in mind before heading out into the big wide world.

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