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Travel Resolutions for 2017

Get a passport! There are a number of reasons to have an actual passport book, not the least of which is being able to fly out of the United States. But, there’s another very important reason why a passport might be required to fly domestically, WITHIN the USA, by next year, 2018. For further information, see the Department of Homeland Security’s website here: Start working on your bucket list trips! There is no time like the present to start checking off your list of dream trips. (And, if your bucket list trips involve leaving the USA, you’ll need the passport!! ) Later in 2017, one of our Travel Experts is headed to Europe. You’ll be able to follow along with the planning of the trip in other blog posts, so stay tuned! Be a tourist in your own town. I can’t tell you how many people live within an hour of the Statue of Liberty or Empire State Building. Plan a day trip, or even an overnight to one of those places near you that you’ve always wanted to see, and take in your city as a visitor does. Stay in a great hotel, eat at the new hotspot and enjoy the beauty and fun in your hometown Visit a new place. Whether it’s Paris, London, Chicago, LA or where ever, go someplace that you’ve never been before. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a bucket list place, but hey, if you can accomplish 2 resolutions with one trip, so much the better right? Take a last minute, “unplanned” trip. Sure, you will have to plan to get time away, but do something with little, or no advance planning. Sometimes you can snag a great, last minute flight or train ticket. You can check apps like Hotel Tonight and book a last minute room (you actually can use that app, one of our Travel Experts’ favorites, to nook up to a week ahead) and just go with the flow. Even a last minute road trip can be fun Mix with the locals. Using apps like Airbnb can be a great way to book accommodations for your trip and since you’ll be in a private home, chances are you’ll get a better feel for how the locals live, where they eat, shop and what sites to see, etc. You’ll be instantly immersed into the local culture and you will have a much different perspective on travel, and the ways of life of people around the world.   Travel Differently. If you often travel with your family, try a girls or guys weekend away. Or, maybe you want to go somewhere that your significant other has no desire to visit. How about traveling solo? That may sound daunting, but solo traveling can be wonderfully rewarding. Maybe you haven’t seen your extended family in some time. Perhaps a family reunion trip would be fun! Travelpro Platinum Magna2 20in Expandable Business Plus SpinnerSplurge on a fantastic hotel, restaurant or first/business class flight. Of course there will be some added expenses to trying a 4 or 5 star hotel, or flying in the front of the plane. But, if you do some research and crunch the numbers, and if your timing is right, you could enjoy a little bit of luxury for a small amount of additional money. Sometimes, flying first class is only $100 more than coach. When you add in baggage fees, early boarding, food and even adult beverages, you might actually SAVE money by booking a first or business class ticket. Also, shop around to smaller carriers, especially on international routes. Invest in decent luggage from! Yes, you’ll need a good, durable bag for all your travels. Super lightweight luggage is fine for road trips to visit the family, but for flying around the world, you’ll want something that will withstand the baggage handlers and being tossed around into the rental car, onto the bellman’s cart and into the airport shuttle. We can help you choose the right bag for you!    

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