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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance Travelers often ask if they need to purchase travel insurance. To help you decide, consider these issues which could arise while you are traveling:
  1. Maybe your resort is forced to evacuate all the guests due to a storm. Who will assist you in relocating, and will you be able to recover the balance of your expenses?
  2. While you are in a foreign country and you’re injured or get sick. How can you go about locating a doctor who speaks English?
  3. What happens when you get to your vacation destination, but your luggage goes someplace else? How can you go about getting reimbursed for necessities, who can help you track the bag down and supposing that your bag is never found? How can you get reimbursed for the contents?
  4. While overseas, your passport and wallet are stolen. Who can help you get a replacement, and some emergency money?
  5. You’re flying to your destination, and when you land at the connecting airport, you find that the next flight has been cancelled. Where can you turn for assistance in getting to your final destination?
  6. Suppose you get sick or injured and there is no adequate medical treatment available. What are your options for a medical evacuation and who can arrange that?
  7. Perhaps your tour operator, airline or cruise line goes bankrupt. Can you be covered for the non-refundable costs? Or, how else can you get to your destination and salvage your trip?
  8. What if your destination is affected by terrorism? Can you be reimbursed if you want to cancel?
  9. A close family member suddenly gets ill. Are you able to cancel and be covered for the monies you’ve paid out?
  Most US-based medical insurance will NOT cover you when traveling out of the country. Be sure to review your policy and if necessary, review travel insurance plans offered by a variety of companies. Some credit cards do offer travel insurance so it is good to check with the card issuer. However, be sure that the coverage is adequate for your needs.

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