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Travel Insight - Barcello Maya Palace

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Travel Insight - Barcello Maya Palace

Deep In the Heart of The Forrest of Rivera Maya Lies a nature resort that sees millions of tourist every year. I had the Luck to go there a few vacations ago and Now I'm Recommending it to my readers. Its not just the Huge Olympic sized pool with yakuzi at every corner and a bar. Or the amazing restaurants featuring over 20 countries, or the fact that its all inclusive. What truly makes Barcello a Jewel worth visiting is its people. From the Maid that cleans your room, to the owner of Barcello who dines with you every day inthe same restaurants, they are all for making you feel welcome and part of their world. The entertainment at barcello is live, and not some cheap knockoff circus show like you see in lesser quality hotels. They are well trained, they spared no expense. The food is not Oil based overcooked covered in a fancy presentation. Their chef are top notch. It was a true experience to visit.There are Maya ruins inside the hotel and a truly immersive experience.They've got Dolphins and Nature, and I made friends with a Giant turtle while on the beach. If you Ever Visit Mexico and I recommend you do. Stay at Barcello and tell em the travel experts sent ya :)

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