Travel hacks from the Travel Experts at Part 1 – Luggage Factory
Travel hacks from the Travel Experts at Part 1

Travel hacks from the Travel Experts at Part 1

Travel hacks from the Travel Experts at Part 1

Do you love traveling? It seems like there are hacks for everything these days but the travel Experts at Luggage Factory seem to have a trick or two up their sleeves. Well after many hours of torture we could get them to spill the secrets to a more comfortable and enjoyable trip. And here they are.

  • #1 Travel By land – Travelling by land allows you to see more of the country. It is also generally cheaper than flying, and has more flexibility in terms of booking etc.
  • #2 Loose the guidebook – Why lug them around when you can get to know the locals? It’s a good way to sharpen your foreign language skill.
  • #3 Pack Less – Do you REALLY need all that stuff? Be brutal. If you don’t need it leave it out. Do not pack 69 mascara formulas and a million moisturizers to stay looking adorable midflight. If you’re packing more cosmetics than clothing, something is wrong…. (I’m going to be in the doghouse later >. < )
  • #4 Go veggie on the flight – Airline food is …. not the healthiest food, but the last thing you want to do is eat an undercook hand burger while flying in turbulence. So, before the flight, NO Fast food, no Pizza, just vegan food, I know it tastes HORID but the alternative is mush mush worst.
  • #5 Private Browser is your friend – Travel companies use cookies to monitor your browsing so they can raise prices accordingly. You can get cheaper flights by setting your browser to private, or by using another internet connection.
  • #6 Bring a Hoodie – This item of clothing has multi- purposes. For examples, it can be folded into a pillow. Used tied around the waist, it’s very comfortable keeping you warm but not too warm, making it the most neutral clothing you can wear.
  • #7 Eat like a Local – Not only will you avoid the jacked-up tourist price, but you’ll generally get better quality food and have an authentic cultural experience. I know the prospect of eating that strange thing that looks like a silverfish isn’t something you’re looking for but believe me they’re delicious, close your eyes and brace yourselves.
  • #8 Dummy Wallet – Take a spare wallet with old bank cards and a bit of cash. Great way to turn muggers into dummies. Keep your real money in your sucks or your shoes.
  • #9 Get room in the second floor – The second floor of a hotel is optimum. Its mode difficult for muggers to break in, and in the event of an emergency you’re not too high out to get help.
  • Use a local SIM card – Roaming costs are ridiculous. By using a local discard in your smartphone, you save lots of money.
  • #10 Smart Sandwich bag – Store your smartphone in a sandwich bag when at the beach. This is a smart way to protect your phone form sand and water. Put it between two pieces of bread so a mugger doesn’t steal em and thinks it’s a sandwich.


I’m sure we can beat more secrets out of our travel experts if we keep trying, be sure to stay subscribed to this blog for more travel hacks and suggestions to make your trip more enjoyable and safer.

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