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Peru, South America -

Travel Experts Guide to PERU

Before your travel – Passport and Visa are BOTH needed. Vaccine against Typhoid, Malaria and Yellow Fever. Some basic Spanish. Places to visit: Puerto Chicama, Grujillo Chimbote, Huaraz, Lima, Pisco, Cajamarca, Cusco and Andahuaylas. Best time to travel May – Oct. is too hot, Nov – April, too rainiy. Visit Jun – September. Peru Bucket List
  • See the Ancient and Legendary Nazca Lines thru an air tour of the
  • Quench your thirst with a pisco sour.
  • Take a selfie with the alpacas ( they spit )
  • Visit the Contahuasi canyon, the world’s deepest canyon in the world.
  • Check out the rare red beach at the paracas national reserve.
  • Visit macho Pichyu – Urubamba River Valley
  • Playa de Armas in Cusco
  • Chimu Kingdom – Chan Chan
  • Cercado de Lima
Food to try out
  • Causa – Layered and filled with potato cake
  • Shambar – Trujillo soup
  • Aji de Gallina – Creamy chicken stew
  • Ceviche – fresh shrimp sea food cocktail
  • Chupe de camarones – shrimp chowder
Before you go
  • Read The time of the hero by Mario Vargos Llosa
  • Watch the Miko of sorrow – Claudia Llosa
  • Listen to – El condo Pasa 1931 by Daniel Alomia Robles
Tipping Habits
  • 10% Waitstaff – 20 Solas for tour guide/day 10% Bartenders 3 Soles Portes per bag. Taxi Drivers – Negotiable fare, no tip needed
  • Table Manners : Keep your knife in your right hand; Fork on your left, Don’t switch. Pass dishes to the left. When finished, cross your knife and fork across the plate, thines down.
Culture shock warning
  • Peruvians stand VERY close while conversing & extend a lot of same – sex touching. Very affectionate and articulate.
  • Haggling is expected at the Market. Only Offer a price you are willing to pay.
  • Acquaintances shake hands & friends kiss on the right cheek male or female alike. Avoid prolonged eye contact as its seen as a confrontation and lack of respect .
  • Expect a relaxed attitude about punctuality. You should arrive 30-60 minutes late to a party.
Basic Spanish Needed. Hello ( Oh-olah) | Goodbye (ah-dee-OhS) | Please ( Pour fah-VOUR) | You’re Welcomed (DAY NAH-dah) | English (een-glehs) | yes ( see) No ( noh)

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