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Travel Experts Guide to Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal is one of the top spring break destinations as it’s so diverse. Its Sunny, it’s a beautiful setting, and has a variety of things to do. Due to its polarities, prices have risen. But it’s well worth the trip. So, if you’re planning to visit Lisbon this spring, this is the travel experts Guide to Sunny Beaches and the amazing Island of Lisbon.

Beaches Worth Visiting

  • Ericeira – Top Surfing Location, unspoiled sandy Beaches, nightlight and seafood.
  • Sintra – Protected natural area, wild beaches, beautiful landscape and small quaint Village.
  • Cascais and Estori – Fashionable seaside resort, Riviera-like beaches, calm waters and water sports, seafood and nightlife.
  • Costa da Caparica – Long Beaches, water sports, seafood, beach bars and surf schools.
  • Sesimbra and Arrabida – Protected natural area, magnificent scenery, beautiful beaches seafood, and snorkeling sites.
  • Troia and Comporta – Protected sand dunes and Pinewood, Glorious beaches, calm and pristine waters, family friendly water sports.

Things you can do once you’re there

  • Visit the Je Berardo art collection at Coleccao Berardo – Featuring Picasso, Dali and more.
  • Martin Moniz Plasa – There is always a different band playing and its very multicultural and lively. Different things from all over the world happen there. No way to know what you will see.
  • Walk along the Rua Augusta – People watching street performers and awesome shopping.
  • Ribera das Maus – Enjoy the sun and the sea. It’s just fun to be there and enjoy the atmosphere
  • Parade and parties on the street of Alfama – During this time there are a myriad of holidays and parades going on. Too many to list, it’s just fun.
  • Visit the Feria da Ladra – The oldest market in Lisbon, Full of diverse items, made by locals, be ready to haggle and have a good time.
  • Largo Do Chafariz de Dentro – Visit this town to just hang out with the locals and have a good time.
  • Visit Basilica de Estrela, Jardin da Esterla and More – if you’re an architecture buff, this is the place to go.
  • Terreiro do Paco Square, Vini Portugal – Wine country starts here, enjoy a sampling of the best wines in the world.

Places worth Visiting.

Santa Justa, Palace of the Marquiese of Fronteira, Belen tower, Palace of Ajuda and Rua Augusta Arch.

Best Food to try out.

  • Pastel de Nata – Egg Tart
  • Arroz de taboril – Monkfish stew with rice
  • Bacalhau – Codfish
  • Polvo a lagareiro – Boiled and Roasted Whole Octopus.
  • Sopa de Cacao – Marinated shark meat stew
  • Posta Mirandesa – tenderloin cooked over an open fire.

Cultural shock warning

Tipping must be between 10% and 15% for anyone, wait staff, taxi drivers ext. Bring deep pockets. Greetings are best to shake hands and avoid kissing. If greeting a woman, it is customary to wait for her to extend her hand before reaching for the greeting, doing otherwise is un-polite and its frowned upon. Transport – it’s better to purchase a prepaid card to use on the bus and transportation. Coffee – Best order an Uma Bica while you’re there, it’s a one of a kind coffee that will blow your mind. Gestures – monkeys point, and in this country its considered rude to gesture and place your palms face down. Best time to visit – Weather is best between June and august.

Basic Portugués language –

  • Esta Todo Fixe – Everything is groovy
  • Obrigado/a – Thank you
  • Viva Saude! – Cheers, shin shin
  • Una Bica por favor – Une expresó please.
  • Quero o Vinho De casa – I want the hoes wine
  • A que hora abre – What time do you open.
  • Ola – Hello
  • Adeus – Goodbye
  • Pov favor – Please
  • Ingles – English?
(note speaking even a little bit of Portuguese will win even the most hostile locals, its seen as a sign of respect to at least attempt to speak the language and it will show on the way the locals behave. So, take the time to learn these words to make your trip more enjoyable) Portugal is VERY close to Spain so obviously expect your guest to be 30 to 2 hours late, be ready to see business that open late and siestas. They are mandatory. So, if it’s not open, come back later, they are very relaxed folks and you should be too.

Table Manners

  • Keep your knife in your right hand; Fork in your left, Don’t Switch.
  • Keep Hands visible during the meal, Rest wrist on the table edge.
  • When finished, lay your knife and fork across right side of your plate with the blade facing the plate’s center.
Keep these travel expert tips and your trip will be all that more enjoyable. The travel experts at Luggage factory wish you a happy spring travel.

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