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Travel Expert’s Guide to Belize

Before Traveling to Belize you will need Passport and visa, Typhoid and Hepatitis A vaccine and Belize Dollars. English is among the languages spoken in Belize Belize has over 1000 Maya Temples all thought. This Makes Belize a Prime destination for tourist and archeologist all over the world. The beauty is that each temple has a story behind its creation , Making each one of them unique and important as the other. Belize also features an amazing array of diving spots. Underwater Habitats offer varied views. Its quite the site. Top Travel Destinations. Altun Ha ( Water oft eh rock) is the closest archaeological site closest to Belize City and has a mayor ceremonial Center. Belize’s famous jade head was found here. The temple is located near Rockstone Pond Village in the Belize district. Cahal Pech ( Place of thicks) Maya Temple in the midst of a present-day town differentiate Cahal Pech from other Naya sites in Belize. Situated in San Ignacio Town along the bank of the Macal River in the Cayo District, Cahal Pech was a ceremonial center with temple palace and a ball count and offers visitors a spectacular panoramic view of San Ignacio and the Belize River Valley. Xunantunich ( Maiden of the rock) was a mayor ceremonial site, built on a natural limestone ridge during the Classic Period. The site is composed of six major plazas with some than twenty-five temple and palaces. Scale Victoria Peak – Within the Maya mountain there is an amazing peak with an awesome view. Great Blue Hole in Belize City – Participate in the La Ruta Maya Belize river challenge from San Ignacio to Belize City. Belize Many Diving Spots – Great Blue Whole, Half Moon Caye, South water marine reserve and many others for spelunking fans.

Top Diving spots

The Arena: This site is the whole Package, offering the ideal setting for discovering scuba diving, wall diving and night diving. Located near Sergeant’s Caye , the spur and groove formations shelters a multitude of marine life. Keep an look out for pelagic mantas and loggerhead turtles. Chasbo’s Corner: This site is a magnificent example of wall diving on the northwest Turneffe Atoll. Sightings here include various sharks, sailfish, dolphins, false orcas and even manatees. Close inspection reveals decorator crab, curious yellow-head jaw-fish and the elusive seahorse. Blue Hole: Recreational divers can’t reach the bottom depths of the world’s famous Blue Hole, but they can swim between the stalactites more than a hundred feet down , shark remainders that this whole was once above water. The elbow: As currents converge with changing tides at the southern tip of the Turneffe Atol, Fishes gather at this spot and form an amazing site. Top Food To try out Fry Jacks, Johnny cakes & Tortillas : Johnny cakes, originally rumored to be called Journey cakes & made to be carried while traveling, especially while hunting or tapping chicle trees. They’re simple little unsweetened cakes often baked on a stove top and are wonderful when split with butter or jam. Tamales Another item with many variations, composed of meat , usually chicken in sauce and different additions are encased in corn meal wrapped in banana leaves. Panades garnaches and Salbutes Speaking of budget eats, do not leave Belize without trying panades. These small flat rounds of corn tortilla are spread with various mixtures such as bean, fish , cheese or meats. Gibnut This Yummy forest dwelling rodent, is said that it was renamed royal rat because of how delicious it was. Unlike the common European and American rat this is one delicious mouse. Try it! Belize Escabeche This Spanish influence chicken soup is a favorite in the north and west of Belize. Roasted chicken served with vinaigrette, soup, stock, hot corn tortillas black pepper and more. Delicious.  

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