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Travel Expert Guide to Oman

Travel Expert Guide to Oman, Middle East– What you will need to travel:  Passport and Visa, Typhoid Shots, Some basic Arabic and Omani Rial currency.

Top Places to visit –

  • Jayloh Ancient Tombs
  • Wadi Ghul & Wadi Shab
  • Sumhuram Ruins
  • Fishing Village
  • Sur Beaches
  • Shargiya Sands Dunes
  • Jebel Shams Mountain
  • Fort and Coral Diving
Each Oman’s geographical regions has something unique to offer. Not sure where to start? Here are some suggestions to help you plan the perfect trip. Muscat – The Capital city. Do not miss the Sultan Qaboos, Grand Mosque, Mutrah and the Royal Opera House. Musandam – Take a Dhow cruise through the turquoise water of Khor ash Sham, enjoy the picturesque Khasab Castle. Batinah – Wadi Bani Awf, A prime target for off – road adventure. Nakhal Fort, A panoramic view of the surrounding mountains. Damaniyat Island, gorgeous diving destination and Sohar Fort and Museum. Sharqiya – Wadi Shab, swim in the cool emerald green pool. Ras al Jinz, a must for wildlife watchers. Sharqiya Sands, a Classic Omani landscape of rolling dues. Wadi Bani Khalid, the best wadi in the region. Buraymi -  Al Khandaq Fort, Traditional mud fort which has been restored to its former glory. Salalah, Charming coastal city with mild temperatures beaches and frankincense shops. Dakhiliyah – Jebel Shams, for camping and trekking. Al Hoota cave, a glimpse of Oman’s subterranean landsape. Jabrin splendid traditional architecture. Nizwa an impressive fort. Saiq Plateu, magical village of traditional mid brick house Wusta – Duqn, set to become a modern coastal hub. Rub al Khali, an unforgettable taste of the desert. Ras Madrakah, Known for its cleanliness beaches and the purity of its waters. Pink Lagoon, an amalgamation of salt water pools

Luxury Hotels to stay in Oman

There are many excellent Oman Hotels for business and holiday travelers. Each provides unmatched elegance, fun and absolute top-notch service at a price any traveler can afford. Atama - To experience the true culture of Oman and feel like a real guest rather than just a tourist, either of the two Atama Hotels are an excellent choice for your stay. Both Atana hotel are situated in the very northern section of the country less than 50 KM from the border of the United Arab Emirates. Atama- Khasab – the Atana-Khasab Resort rests upon a rock foundation above the Musandam shoreline in northern Oman. Besides the selection of tastefully decorated rooms, the resort provides an amazing swimming pool that overlooks the entrance of the Persian Gulf. Atama – Musandam – The Hotel Sits majestically above the sea, only 43 KM form the UAE border. The staff in the hotel is available to provide the most gracious service possible during your stay. To create an even more memorable experience, try fishing, diving and snorkeling activates. Al Bustan Palace Ritz Carlton Muscat – About 500 KM from the south near the capital city of Muscat, the Bustan Palace, one of the better Oman hotels.  The hotel has separate swimming pools, including a 50M infinity Pool. Chedi Muscat – Along the beach of the Gulf of Oman where the Al Hajar Mountains seats the Chedi Muscat Hotel. The Serai Seaview room of the Chedi Provide Oversized windows to view the gulf. The hotel has nine district restaurants, each origin fare from different parts of the world.

Best time to go –

Best Weather Oct – March , Muscat Festival are Jan – Feb. Best Avoid Ramadan Closing. Tipping rules – NO tipping in Oman. Haggling is expected at markets for anything more than 1 Rial.

Culture shock warnings.

Its rude to ask for seconds at dinner. Its normal for food to be left and for you not to eat more than its served, getting more, or eating your whole plate is considered an offence to the cook and should not be done. Wash your hands before and after the mean and don’t touch your hair. (it would be great if you did this all the time but in this country, it is extra rude) Only use your right hand while eating. You may either use a utensil or your hand or bread to scoop food. Do NOT put your left hand on the table. It will make those around you become disgusted and they will let you know vociferously.

Food to try out.

  • Maqbouts
  • Curries (sweet)
  • Kebobs
  • Mashuai
  • Halwa Desert
  • Kahwa Coffee
  • Omani Tea
Same sex greetings are a light handshake and often a kiss on both cheek or the nose. Opposite sexes avoid eye contact and don’t touch. Close made friends may hold hands while walking, but homosexual activity is illegal. Remove your shoes before entering a home and never point the side of your feet toward someone. Men and women should wear modest loose-fitting clothing that cover arms, legs and chest. Women, especially blondes, should wear hair up or under a headscarf.

Basic Arabic

  • Hello ( Maher – ha – bahn)
  • Goodbye (ma-a-sa-kahnma)
  • Please ( min Fahd ik)
  • Thank you (shoo-kran)
  • Pardon me (Lah ow sama-kaht)
  • English (in-glee-zee-ya)?
  • Yes (nah ahm)
  • No (leh)

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