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Travel Documents

When you’re traveling out of the USA, be it to Europe, on a cruise or just crossing the boarder my land into Canada or Mexico, ultimately, the onus for having proper travel documentation falls on the traveler. While your travel agent may guide you with regards to necessary documentation for the trip, they will likely not be with you when you’re denied admission to a country due to lack of valid credentials. Know what you need before you leave home, and give yourself ample time to secure a new passport, visa or other identification.   The best place to start looking is the United States Department of State website - In addition to passport information, the US Department of State provides links to the entry requirements for countries around the world. Also, an internet search of your destination will also take you to necessary immigration/customs information for your trip. Should you lose your passport while in a foreign country; the US Department of State’s website can provide information on locating the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate where you can get assistance in obtaining an emergency replacement. Generally, it’s good to have at least 6 months validity on your passport before traveling abroad, and having 6 or more blank pages is suggested. Should you find that your passport will expire soon, or that there are only a couple blank pages, you should secure a new book and/or extra pages before your trip. When you apply for either a new passport, or renewal, additional pages can be obtained at that time at no additional cost. If you think you’ll be traveling abroad on a frequent basis, get the extra pages at the outset to save both time and money. Researching and securing proper documentation before you leave for a trip with make your life much easier. You don’t want to be denied entry when you’re on the trip of a lifetime, and this is one case where trip insurance will likely NOT help you. Do your due diligence first, and be ON your trip, instead of stuck at the airport or cruise pier because you do not have valid travel documentation.

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