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Travel Apps We Love

When the Travel Experts® from Luggage Factory hit the road, we have an array of travel apps that help us keep organized, on time and comfortable. Here are some of our favorites: Tripit – This handy app keeps all of your confirmations in one place. Tripit can automatically import these confirmations from your email to your Tripit account. You can share your itinerary with friends, family or coworkers. The app is compatible with the confirmations of thousands of travel providers and it’s easy to use! While the basic app is free, you can upgrade to a pro version for an annual fee. Tripit Pro adds features such as point tracker (so you can keep your frequent traveler info handy), seat tracker to find out when your preferred seat on your flight is available and real time alerts about whether your flight is delayed or cancelled. Check them out at! Hotel Tonight – Sometimes when you’re on the road, plans can change quickly. Finding a last minute hotel room may be difficult, not to mention, there’s a good chance of being stuck in a “no tell motel.” Using the opaque bidding sites can save you money, but you don’t know what hotel you’ll get. Hotel Tonight changes that. Download the app, choose your city and you’ll see the name of the hotel, price, photos and reviews. You can even book for a few days, or even a week ahead. Often you will be able to find GeoRates which can be for hotels that are close to your location, often after 12 noon on day of arrival. For more information, visit them at Mobile Passport – Frequent international travelers will love the convenience of speeding through immigration upon returning to the USA. Simply download the app, set up your profile and answer some questions about your trip. Upon arriving in the USA, connect to Wi-Fi and submit the data to Customs and Border Protection. You’ll receive an encrypted receipt with a bar code. Follow the signs to Mobile Passport control, show the officer your passport, scan the barcode and you’re on your way. It’s free, fast and secure. Mobile Passport is available at many major US airports including Newark, JFK, Atlanta, Seattle, Washington Dulles, Orlando and others. Additional airports will be added it the future. Learn more at Gate Guru – Not only will Gate Guru keep track of your flight information, this great app also lets you know about your airport and offers personalized information based on your arrival or departure terminal. Search for food, shops or services and have access to airport maps and local weather forecasts as well. You can also reserve a car quickly though their exclusive partnership with Avis, and for fun, Gate Guru also can keep track of your travel stats including how many miles you’ve flown and the airports you’ve visited! Find them at Those are just a few of our favorite apps when we travel for business or pleasure. Check back for more fun apps in the future!

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