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Travel Apps For Your Phone

With smartphones in almost each consumer’s hand now, the travel industry has changed drastically. Take at look at these great travel apps to help organize and plan your vacation like never before.
  1. TripIt: This app takes trip organization to another level. TripIt will synch with your email and grab all travel related emails. Everything will be stored in a folder on the app that contains confirmation numbers, flight information, and more.
  1. Postagram: This unique app allows you to convert your own photos into postcards and send them to your loved ones anywhere in the world.
  1. Free Wi-Fi Finder: Use this app to find the closest Wi-Fi hotspot to you, wherever you are in the world.
  1. Google Translate: This pocket translator is perfect for any trip with a language barrier.
  1. Hotel Tonight: This app collects all the unsold rooms from hotels around the world. In a pinch for the night? Look here for local deals and hotel listings.
  1. GateGuru: This is your personal assistant when it comes to flight and airport information. The app comes with maps of the terminals, nearby restaurants, car rental information, and even average security wait times.
  1. Trip Advisor: The trip advisor app is a great way to plan out your visit, research attractions, book hotels, check out reviews and more.
  1. Urban Spoon: Urban spoon is devoted to finding you the best restaurants and dining experiences in your city of choice.
  1. Gogobot: With a focus on beautiful design and customized recommendations, this app is for anyone who loves to travel, providing the user with fun things to do, great places to eat etc.
  1. Packing Pro: As the name suggests, this app provides packing lists templates(or customizable lists made from scratch) as well as reminders like “don’t forget your phone charger.”

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