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Travel Agent Guide.

With the travel agent market back on the rise, it can be hard to figure out if you should keep your agent or dump them. The travel experts at Luggage Factory have come up with a few things to look for when deciding if your agent knows what they’re doing and getting you the best deal.
  • Specialized Knowledge– A good agent plays to their strength. If they can’t provide the experience you’re looking for, they should either: research, connect with another agent, or refer you to another agent altogether. Do not travel with someone who has no idea where he’s sending you. A bad agent will book experience just for a commission, which leaves you with an experience you weren’t interested in.
  • Organized Deliverables– When you arrive at your destination, a good agent will have physical deliverable organized by day or location in separate bags with maps and extra information. The last thing you want to feel is your vacation is stressed or confused. Signs you should dump your agent? A bad agent will book your trip, collect their commission and then forget about you.
  • Maximize your budget– Travel agents can’t always get you the best deals on everything, but they should know how to combine locations and experience to maximize your budget. You pay for convenience, but you shouldn’t feel like you are being cheated or are getting a bad deal. A Bad agent will book your trip, collect their commission and then forget about you.
  • Pay what was quoted– A good agent will be transparent about the fact that they make a commission for booking a trip for you. What you’re quoted should be identical for what you are charged. Also they should not be giving different charges to different people on the trip. A bad agent will quote you something cheap, knowing they will charge you extra after the fact.
  • Always Available– Planning a successful trip makes communication. You agent should be available through multiple communication channels such as phone, email, text and social accounts. They should always respond back in a quickly manner. A bad agent will respond when it’s convenient for them, If you can’t reach them, drop them!
  • Fixing Problems– You hired a travel agent not only for their expertise, but for convenience. If a problem arrives such as a changed flight, bad weather, lost hotels etc… your agent is meant to resolve the issue. If you find yourself doing a fair amount of the leg work, you agent isn’t doing their job.
  • Immediate results– a good agent will draft an itinerary immediately after your initial conversation. Thus allowing you to provide feedback as soon as possible. A bad agent will take days or weeks between communications which drags out the process.
  • Clutch Player– Perfectly planned vacations can have unforeseen variables like Missed flights, hotel problems, political and economic changes at your destination etc. A good agent will stay connected during your entire trip to solve problems if they should present themselves. A bad agent will cut communications as soon as your trip is booked. Leaving you to fix any problem while at your destination.
  • Itinerary that fits you– a good agent will listen to your desires and wants , and will dig to find booking that fits your requests.
Details, details, details – a good agent will plan details you didn’t know existed. Form small touches like extra pens at the hotels to raincoats in case of bad weather. They basically ensure everything goes smoothly.   Your agent must provide more than just information, they have insight. They’ll leverage expert knowledge to the finest hotels, cruses, tours and activities to curate a vacation you can’t find online. They will bring exclusive access and inside connections that ensures you’ll always receive preferential treatment with exclusive savings, behind the scene access and complimentary extras.      

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