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Tourist Destination: Pamukkale in Turkey

Tourist Destination: Pamukkale in Turkey

Pamukkale means cotton castle. It is made up of a series of hot spring pools in the plain of Curuksu, in South West Turkey. It is in the province of Denizli. It is part of the spa town of Hierapolis. It was founded by the Attalid Kings of Pergamom in the 2nd century BC.

The area was the site of an ancient cult. The hot springs were used for drying wool. When the Romans took over the place, they made it to a top hot bath Roman resort. Visitors would come from all over the empire to bathe in the thermal waters. The waters were believed to have healing properties.  

Tourists who visit the place can still see the ancient baths, the temple ruins, an arch, the nymphaeum, a necropolis and the theater. Needless to say, this makes Pamukkale a UNESCO world heritage site. The springs supply thermal water to its residents.

Aside from plenty of Greek ruins, this town has a few of gothic Catholic churches. It is the ideal place for sightseeing and for hot spring lovers. Both the Cotton castle and the Romans baths are constantly plagued by armies of tourists.

The Denizli Provincial government takes care to keep tourists from ruining the ruins. They are also in charge of the restoration projects. They get plenty of money from UNESCO to keep the place from falling apart.

As for the water, it is rich in minerals including calcium and hydrogen carbonate. The easiest way to get there is via plane. There is a nearby airport in Denizli. From there tourists can travel there via bus or train. When you get to Pamukkale village, all places are less than a 10 minute walk away.

The village offers daily tours. Tourists can also pay to bathe in the thermal waters. Aside from the pools, tourists should visit the church of Laodikya. It is one of the churches mentioned in Apocalypse.

In the summer, it is really, really hot. Tourists are encouraged to bring their own umbrellas and plenty of sunscreen. In less than an hour, you can be baked to a crisp.

As for food, there are four major restaurants. Three serve traditional Turkish foods. The Kayas Wine House serves more international food. Tourists must try the Pamukkale wines. The mineral waters used to make the grapes, gives the wine a unique, award winning flavor.

These are some of the many wonders in Pamukkale. It is the ideal place to visit regardless of what time of the year you chose to visit.

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