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Tourist Destination: Golden Hoi An, Vietnam

Most tourists are familiar with the Blue City of Morocco. Vietnam has its own single colored town. Hoi An is a town rich in history. It has French colonial houses, combined with Japanese temples and wooden Chinese homes. The unique blend of these three cultures gives this town its own unique flare. The most striking aspect of this Ancient Town is that all the buildings have a unique yellow, golden look. Today, historians marvel at the color and wonder why it was painted yellow. Some believe yellow is a symbol of royalty. Others think it has more of a practical use. Yellow is said to absorb less heat. It is perfect for Vietnam’s tropical climate. In the Vietnamese culture, yellow is the color of luck, pride, respect and wealth. Most of the Vietnamese homes have an altar dedicated to the ancestors. These altars are usually decorated with golden ornaments and flowers. Hoi An has almost 1,000 buildings. About 844 of the mare listed as Unesco sites. This town has drawn hundreds of travelers and artists for centuries. Due to its protected status, the town has strict building regulations. It has retained its original wooden architecture made during the 17th and 18th century. Not much has changed, in it. In a sense, Hoi An is a city frozen in time. The buildings in the Ancient Town face the street, while the back always faces the Thu Bon River. This design made it easy to load and unload goods transported by boat. The town is most beautiful during the sunrise. The sun splashes against the yellow walls, making them shimmer as if they were made of gold. The dawn is always quiet, as people rise early, to sweep and clean the entrance of their home. The people in town never have breakfast at home. Tourists should observe this habit as well and go eat at the food stalls. They serve the best food around the Japanese Nguyan Thai Hoc Bridge. This will help visitors get in touch with the locals, and take in the sights. The children also get up early to go to school. They wear the traditional Vietnamese aoi dai outfits. Other things that still remain the same there are the vendors. They still carry their wears, the same way they have done for centuries. Needless to say, the fruits and vegetables are locally grown. It is the perfect place for tourists who like to eat organic foods, grown locally. Tourists can spend day, weeks and even years exploring this town and still discover something new. The traditional shops are always filled with unique trinkets. The best ones are the lantern craft shops. There are not a lot of protected places like this one in Vietnam. This town is also home to four museums. They highlight the history of the region. The oldest Museum is the Museum of History and Culture. It is located in 13 Nguyen Hue St. It was originally a Pagoda made in the 17th century. It has a temple adjacent to it called the Guan Yu temple. It has all its original relics. The other musseums are modern. Though, they still relate to the history of this town. This Ancient Town will hopefully retain its historic, unique look for many years to follow. So, come tourists and see this unique town, frozen in time.

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