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Tourist Destination: Ethiopia’s Alien Crater

Tourist Destination: Ethiopia’s Alien Crater

Dallol in Ethiopia has the landscape akin to an alien planet. Dallol means in Ethiopian “disintegrated”. The Dallol volcano crater has earned the name nickname Alien Crater. The Ethiopians tend to avoid the place because it looks too weird.

Still, if tourists are bored of looking at normal places, they should visit this alien crater. The place resembles the hot springs from Yellowstone Park. The only difference is that instead of water it has brine and acidic liquid.

These craters were formed in 1926. This place is located in a very remote area. It would take a decent amount of hiking to make it there. Tourists are advice to employ local help to get to the area. They should travel with a camel caravan that passes through the area. If not, rent a car and drive there.

The temperature there is rather hot, even for the desert. On average it has between 90 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The colors there range from white yellow, to green to red. This is due to the presence of sulfur, iron oxide and salt minerals.

On a side note, tourists should be wary of toxic fumes and sulfuric acid fumes. Nothing too serious! Scientist have gone to worst places and returned in one piece. The trick is not to touch or step on anything bubbly. Heck, stay away from all liquids all together.

Tourists should also bring an armed bodyguard with them. Dangerous people pass by this desert from time to time. They will not attack if they see a machine gun or two.

You can buy pretty cheap guns from any local caravan. Those guns are of pretty good quality seeing as though they were made in the US. Other sellers may have Russia guns for those who prefer Cold War antiques.

When it comes to bodyguards, hire one in the city were you land. If you wait to get to the village of Ahmed Ela, then you run the risk of being kidnapped or worst. This village is the one closet to the Dallol.

Once you get to the alien crater, keep an eye out for small animals. These animals know the landscape. Were ever they step should be considered relatively safe.

Needless to say, this trip is only for the adventuring tourist. It is not for the weak or faint of heart. Dallol is a pretty dangerous area. Still, with enough money any person can make it to Dallol and back again.

Seriously! Bring a big gun for your protection. If it’s not automatic it will not keep you safe. On that note, have fun taking lots of cool photos of the area. From time to time, you can hear strange noises in the acid pools. Some of the locals speculate that for real aliens in live there.

Don’t go to this place at night. If you do, you will have a hard time seeing were you are walking. A moment’s slip and its bye, bye to your leg.

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