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Traveling with a big group? Often one carry on or garment bag will not be enough. Folks always find it a lot cheaper to just go for a luggage set than to buy individual luggage pieces. It is with that spirit in mind that our travel experts have compiled a list of the best luggage sets we have in stock and why they are awesome. We carry luggage sets form American Flyer, American Tourster, Athalon Luggage, ATM, Delsey, FILA , Heys, inUSA, Mia Toro, Perry Ellis, Ricardo , Rockland, Samsonite, Traveler’s Choice and Traveler’s Club. They come in hardside or softside. And cover a huge array of travel possibilities. So without any further adduces here are the top 10 Luggage Sets. The Criteria being used are. Durability, Savings of buying vs buying the same items individually, Design, Popularity, and Value overall. smiley-celebration-3-pc-set#10 ATM Luggage Smiley World Celebration 3PC  Set - This luggage set features the most adorable happy face emoji pattern all thought its cover. It’s a hardside set made of PC Composite construction. The patterns is not only cute but really stands out at the belt. TSA approve lock saves you a lot of trouble at the xray station and whatnot. So what’s so awesome about this piece. It covers everything, a carry on , and two checked bags for everything else. With $339.99 you can have everything for your trip. So why #10 and not higher. The cost per piece of luggage is a tad high when compared to the more economic sets on this list and its only got a 5 year warranty. 317156_1_1#9 inUSA Chicago 3 Piece Spinner Set - The fact that it was made in the US is always a plus for us. Just knowing where everything is from and that it was made by American workers means quality is assured. This Hardside is almost $100 Cheaper than the ATM Smiley. Comes in Black or Silver and the design, while not as festive does stand out. The sizes are very similar, hard side, 3 sets, 1 carry on. The warranty is also superior to the ATM, 10 Year Warranty. Its lighter, Smarter, Stronger. It’s a superior Carry on for the price. So why did it rank so low on our list. Because as awesome as this luggage is.. it still pales in comparison to some of our superior luggage sets. That being said the 3-piece luggage set is very economic and durable. With 234.99 you have just about everything you will need for the trip. Note the term “just about…” 317165_1_1#8 inUSA Philadelphia 3 Piece Spinner Set – Also by inUSA this piece is a lot more economic. There are a few differences. For starters the design isn’t as fancy looking. Less gimmicks but it gets the job done, for economic travel this is the luggage of choice. Unlike the other one, this one doesn’t have a telescoping handle but the wheels are superb. Plus Made in the US with sis always a plus in my book. The wheels are very powerful and resistant. They will not break on you when you're going up and down stairs. Feel free to be neglectful with this luggage, it can take the punishment you give it. f135-black#7 Rockland Luggage Rome Hybrid 3 Piece Spinner Luggage Set – Rockland Luggage Sets are unique in a handful of ways. They are made of EVA Polyester/ABS a material that is used in bullet proof glass. They’re so durable they can stop a speeding bullet. They are literally the kind of luggage M would make for James Bond. They are thought , unbreakable and somehow SUPER light. Multi Directional Spinner Wheels are very easy to maneuver. And the price for the 3 piece set is 149.99 , even cheaper than all the others mentioned. Its an amazing luggage for the price. It will keep everything inside safe. The Five year warranty is also very welcomed. 85600-5budapest_red#6 American Flyer Budapest 5 Piece Spinner Luggage Set – So what could be better than a 3 piece luggage set . This is our first soft side of the list, but not the last. For 179.99 you get A personal Carry on , A wheeled duffle, an upright carry -on , a medium spinner upright and a large spinner size 28 X 18 x 10. 3/5 pieces are carry ons so you can carry everything you need with you and the rest you can keep on checked bags, this luggage set will cover very large trips and huge families. For only 179.99. Four wheel system, removable carry-straps, Swivel casters on the spinners and made of 600 Denier Polyester. Extremely durable. The Patterns and textures are very colorful and retro, they will stand out.  American Flyer also has the Fireworks 5 piece spinner set, the Fleur de Lis set and many other sets with amazing patterns. I am placing them all here in #6 s-st-hsrl-hm06-15fa_01_1024x1024#5 Hello Kitty Luggage Set - Now this set is just adorable. Hardside and lined with the hello kitty logo. It’s a favorite among our female buyers and Always calls attention at the belt. If you want to be the star of your trip this is the luggage you must get. Everyone, and I do mean everyone will have something to say about this adorable luggage. Its super cheap, but strong, durable and fully hello Kitty branded. It’s a cute set for Fairy K and Kpop lovers as well as kids. Plus its backed by Heys warranty wish is always a solid Plus. While this was labeled Kids Luggage it is often bought by adults for themselves. 431-5p-001-set#4 Skyway Seville 5 Piece Travel Set – for 129.99 you get a Spinner, a duffel, a carry on, a 16 inch tote and a toiletry kit. Made of Denier Polyester and covered with a 3 year manufacture warranty. Excellent wheel and very good for the price. Certainly better priced than the American Flyer and with a better warranty. The cost per piece of luggage is only $30 wish makes it extremely economic, Not our most popular brand but it certainly gets the job done. Buying these things separately costs over $600. So you save 80% when you buy it. Economics wise this is the superior luggage. Toiletry kit is also excellent for packing and getting those essential items safely on your trip. Very High quality. f120-navy#3 Rockland Luggage – Polo Equipment Varsity 4 piece luggage set- This one is excellent for sports traveling. You can equip an entire baseball team with just a few of these sets. For 139.99 you get a 30, 26, 22, and 18 inch rolling upright. They also bring a 5 year warranty wish is unmatched for a luggage set. Aluminum handles, Jumbo wheels, Fully lined and expandable. If you tried to buy this luggage individually it would cost you $150 per luggage with some of the more popular brands. This Luggage set is often purchased in groups by softball sports teams. It is the perfect sport luggage because it is very cheap but can handle long trips. Probably the most value per square inch of any set in this group. But Not by far the best luggage set. m-hsrl-asp-ca02-16fa_1024x1024#2 Heys Marvel Captain America 2PC Spinner Set – This one is here simply because the Marvel Design is simply the most popular one heys has. Made of ABS Polycarbonate and featuring the super cool Marvel Captain America logo. Amazing features, featuring a striking balance between style, functionality and endurance. The Zipper Release expansion system can increase its size by a whopping 20%. Dual Poll telescoping handles, Four spinner wheel, Zipper Dividers, Extra space handles and super light super durable design. This is a bag that will turn heads, and make you super cool at the airport. Inside , it is fully lined with straps, pockets and all the features you crave. This is NOT kids luggage, it is man luggage, for the marvel fans everywhere. #1 We’ve talked about strong luggage, about economic Luggage and about value. But all the other pieces of luggage pale in comparison to the #1 Luggage set. Created by Samsonite, the best known brand of luggage in the world. The Samsonite Windfield 2 Fashion 3 piece Spinner Set contains the best of Samsonite for 269.99. If you tried to buy these three pieces of luggage separately you would have to spend $1000.  The sell value of these luggage is off the charts. 10 Year warranty. 100% Polycarbonate Construction, Amazing strapping technology, Push-button Telescoping handle system, Interior tie down straps, Square Full-Capacity design, Unified custom design, Full – zipped interior, Side mounted TSA Locks, scrolling spinner wheel system and many MANY other features make this piece stand on a class of its own. To be fair, comparing this piece of luggage to the other 9 is unfair as this one far outweighs all the other members of the list. Superior warranty, superior quality, and supported by Samsonite repair centers all over the US this is THE superior luggage set.

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